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Unknown facts that make quit drinking a difficult task

Alcohol is very much like a drug, the only difference being that you can find it on any store shelves. But one you start consuming regularly, your organism will begin getting used to it and even ask for it, explaining the need you feel to have a glass of something. And when you try quitting it for good, after an extended period of consumption, you will experience what is called a withdrawal period. You might experience some uncomfortable sensations, but you should be aware that they will pass if you have enough will to stay away from alcohol. Your body needs to get adjusted to dealing without the presence of alcohol. So here is what you need to know to get prepared for the big adjustment.

#1       Day one is the hardest

Day one is the hardest
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Like any beginning on this planet, the first day is always the worse. Your body will wait for that dose of alcohol it’s been accustomed to and if it doesn’t receive it, it will start to misbehave. Shaking, nausea, the constant need to drink water and the lack of motivation to do anything, might ruin your day. It is not pleasant, but you did a good choice. Try to keep your mind busy, by doing the things you like, like watching your favorite movies, take a walk, ride the bicycle, spend a great day with your friends, or enjoy your favorite food.

#2        Heavy sweating

 Heavy sweating
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Sweating will usually kick in from the first day. And you will be stunned to notice that it is hard to keep a dry shirt on you, even if you have air conditioning or it is winter outside. A lot of deodorants and daily showers might help keep the stench away, but you should be prepared to handle this matter for the following weeks. The body is starting a massive cleansing process, and toxins are best eliminated through sweat and urine. So you might want to help this out, by drinking a lot of water.

#3        Inadequate sleep and bad dreams

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 Inadequate sleep and bad dreams
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If the sweating wasn’t bad enough, sleep and dreaming would actually make things worse. Since alcohol used to inactivate your brain and help you fall asleep more rapidly, the lack of it will make you find out that the brain is rather active during the nighttime. Not to mention that you will start having nightmares. It is just a matter of time until you get used to falling asleep without the help of alcohol in the body, almost like a child when he stops receiving his bottle. The lack of proper sleep might be uncomfortable but hand on, as thing will get to normal soon.

#4        Your experiences in the bathroom will change

our experiences in the bathroom will change
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And by this, you digestion and stool are in the matter. It is an awkward issue, but pooping will be more uncomfortable for the weeks to come. You see, alcohol has a lot of calories, so people who consume a good amount of it will not feel the desire to eat too much. Thus, the stool is always more liquid. Now, when you stop drinking, you will experience hunger more often since your body will still need that amount of calories took through alcohol, but this time ingested through solid food. And since the organism takes all the water from the feces, you will be left with the sensation of pooping rocks. But it is okay, soon your bowels will learn to deal solid foods much better.

#5       Transforming into Hulk

 Transforming into Hulk
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Of course, not literally, but you will catch fire and become very irritable because of insignificant reasons. While your body is cleansing, and you pass through the withdrawal period, focusing will be an issue. Simple tasks will appear like being rocket science, and you will keep forgetting what you had in mind to do. This can become rather frustrating, and you will feel the urge to have a punching bag where you can unload your anger. So don’t forget to breathe deeply and focus on your biggest goals, to pass the moment.

#6        The moment of pure exhilaration

The moment of pure exhilaration
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After a couple of weeks, you will wake up one day feeling like a million dollar baby. Eating properly, getting toxins out of your system and enjoying life is good for you, and you will feel like floating on a cloud. You will feel great, but remember that your fight against alcohol is not over yet. The exhilaration you feel is just for the moment, as it will soon pass. But as long as you keep focus and don’t let go, you will feel great for good, very soon.

#7       It is a long run ambition

It is a long run ambition

The first six months are the hardest, but if you pass them well, you will feel proud of yourself. But, you should know that most people who let go of alcohol will start over in a four-year term. So never leave your guard down, because your addiction might catch up on you. It is even a pity to fall back in the same dark pit hole, after working so hard for four years. The feeling of being sober, to be aware of what is happening around you and avoiding jokes made on your while you were drunk, is a great thing to experience.

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