Unknown facts that make quit drinking a difficult task

Alcohol is very much like a drug, the only difference being that you can find it on any store shelves. But one you start consuming regularly, your organism will begin getting used to it and even ask for it, explaining the need you feel to have a glass of something. And when you try quitting it for good, after an extended period of consumption, you will experience what is called a withdrawal period. You might experience some uncomfortable sensations, but you should be aware that they will pass if you have enough will to stay away from alcohol. Your body needs to get adjusted to dealing without the presence of alcohol. So here is what you need to know to get prepared for the big adjustment.

#1       Day one is the hardest

Like any beginning on this planet, the first day is always the worse. Your body will wait for that dose of alcohol it’s been accustomed to and if it doesn’t receive it, it will start to misbehave. Shaking, nausea, the constant need to drink water and the lack of motivation to do anything, might ruin your day. It is not pleasant, but you did a good choice. Try to keep your mind busy, by doing the things you like, like watching your favorite movies, take a walk, ride the bicycle, spend a great day with your friends, or enjoy your favorite food.

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