Weirdest funeral customs followed around the world. Amazing!

Funerals are something really sad and upsetting. We have to say goodbye to our loved ones, the final one. That is really difficult, isn’t that? Anyway, we always try and say goodbye in a way which would help the dead find oblivion. Different people from different parts perform various rituals and customs before saying a last goodbye to their loved ones. These are some of the weirdest funeral customs that people follow.

#1. Eating the dead.

The Melanesians of Papua new Guinea and waris of brazil used to eat their dead relatives’ body. This was their way of saying good bye. Seems like they bid goodbye not just to their souls but bodies too. They believed that this had to be done in order to keep away the fear of death.

#2. Hanged Coffins.

Followed by the Chinese Dynasties, this ritual involves the displaying of coffins on high rock cliffs. According to them, souls should be closer to god. So, hanging the coffins meant that the still thought of their dead in the highly respectable positions and their ghosts and spirits are free to roam around the hills and rocks.

#3. Burial Beads.

This custom is followed in south korea. These people make precious beads out of dead bodies. Due to shortage of cremation grounds, the korean government passed a law that they could keep graves only for 60 years, after which they have to remove them. So what they do is, submit the remains of the dead to different companies, who in turn compress these and convert it into gem like beads. These beads are displayed in Korean homes. Weird!

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