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What Your Nails Say About Your Health

Our bodies give us all sorts of signs about what’s happening on the inside. We can’t exactly get a message from the lungs saying: “CANCER DETECTED” but the body can warn us about things like cancer, or other diseases, in other ways. So let’s see what our fingernails can tell us about our body’s health.

#1)      Brittle, flexible, split nails


This can be a sign of ageing, or a Vitamin A deficiency. It can also be a sign that you need to lay off the manicures and false nails.

#2)      White spots


Having white spots on your fingernails can be a sign of a variety of problems: deficiencies of everything ranging from proteins to calcium, fungal diseases and allergic reactions. Basically, drink some milk, then go see a doctor.

#3)      Yellow stains

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Sometimes this is nothing. You know, smoking, too much dark nail polish, you’re actually a demon. Nothing too scary. Or it’s a sign of fungal disease, which you might want to have looked at.

#4)      Nail Clubbing

Usually a sign of you being an amphibian, the clubbing of your nails can also denote lung disease. Again, not something you want to leave alone.

#5)      Dark bands


These mean you have some benign moles under your nails. Not a problem unless they start to get bigger, or darker. Then go get it looked at.

#6)      Spoon Nails


Having scooped out nails like this means you’re lacking in iron or, rarely, you have a heart or thyroid condition. So eat an anchor and, if it doesn’t get better, go to a doctor.

#7)      Haemorrhages

These are tiiiiiny blood clots that run vertically under the nails, and can be a sign of having a splinter, or something more serious, like a connective tissue disease.

#8)      Pitted Nails

Pitting of the nails is associated with connective tissue disease, especially skin disorders. Not great.

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