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Your eyebrows can tell a lot about your personality, but you already knew that


#1)      Straight Eyebrows

Ah yes, the straight eyebrow. Nothing fancy, but it still looks good, and reflects well on your personality. If you have straight eyebrows, you’re likely reliable, a strong problem solver. You can handle all aspects of life, both professional and personal, with utter precision, and have multitasking down to a tee.

#2)      Arched Eyebrows

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You work hard, there’s no denying that. Every moment you have available to you, you’re spending working, striving for perfection (and you’d have to be, to get eyebrows looking like this) like the perfectionist you are. You’re probably also pretty good at designing and have a good sense of colour, so you’d make a good designer.

#3)      Upward Slanting Eyebrows

You love winning, and losing is the utter worst thing that could happen to you. However, you love having rivals; the more rivals you have, the more you have driving you on to do your best and work hard. You’re also a born leader, who can emerge from a group of people to be on top.

#4)      Droppy Eyebrows

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You’re the one people confide in, the one they go to when they need a friend, a shoulder, someone to help them through their problems. You’re sympathetic and kind, but mostly focus on other people’s concerns rather than your own.

#5)      Curved Eyebrows

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The perfect combination of emotional and practical, you know how to be fair and unbiased, and that cooperation is the best route to success. You can always be relied on to get the job done, whatever it is.

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