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5 Conspiracy Theories that Turned Out to be True

Conspiracy theories! Even the word makes us sit up and take notice because who knows, we might just get to hear some interesting story. But lately, the word has come indicate some of the most bizarre and ridiculous incidents from mind-control to killing machines.

However, with the evidence that has come to light, you will be surprised that some them were actually true. Here are 5 conspiracy theories that turned out to be true.

#1. The US Government poisoned alcohol during Prohibition

It seemed like a ridiculous story when it came to light and pretty soon, everybody forgot about it probably because there wasn’t much evidence. The theory was that when Prohibition was introduced, severed methods to control drinking were implemented because people didn’t stop and bootleggers made quite a fortune. Widely available alcohol was being redistilled and toxic chemicals were being added to stop the drinking menace. However, people continued to drink but it is known that around 700 people had died from poisoning during the Prohibition period.

#2. The US secretly employed Nazi scientists after the war


There are plenty of theories about Nazis and the war. But this one seems rather interesting and with some hints of truth to it. During Operation Paperclip more than 1500 German scientists were brought to the states after the war. These included some high-profile names such as Dr. Hubertus Strughold was accused for conducting experiments on epileptic children and Dr. Kurt Blome who was to weaponise the plague. According to the book titled ‘Operation Paperclip’ by Annie Jacobsen, an American journalist. Nazi engineers and scientists were brought to the USA after the WWII to develop investigation methods for Soviet prisoners.

#3. The CIA conducted ‘mind control’ experiments on citizens

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This conspiracy theory pointed towards a program known as MKUltra. The program was expected to develop chemical and biological weapons that could be used during the Cold War. But it later turned into something more devastating and lethal. These included conditions such as intoxicating effects of alcohol, induction of hypnosis and brain-washing, anaemic condition of the user, produce shock and confusion over a long period of time as well as temporary paralysis. According to the Church Committee, at least two deaths have been reported from this program. However, by the time truth came out, most of the files were ordered to be destroyed by then director of CIA.

#4. The US Navy fired on absent Vietnamese torpedo boats

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August 4, 1965. The USS Maddox was engaged in a hostile situation with North Vietnamese torpedo boats because of an unprovoked attack. But there was just one problem- there had been no sign of an attack or a torpedo boat! The story was floated in numerous articles and some came to call it a ‘false flag’. In fact, according to NSA’s own declassified documents, the Navy was just shooting at phantom targets or just whales!

#5. Operation mockingbird

During 1950s and 70s, the CIA earned a reputation of conspiring with domestic and foreign media. It was said that it paid well-known journalists from the States as well as the world to publish CIA propaganda. It was also accused of funding a movie called “Animal Farm” based on a book by George Orwell. These activities were finally exposed by the Church Committee in 1975.

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