These Bizarre Facts Will Shake Your Faith in Modern World

#3.  Educated females are less likely to find dates

Here is a friendly reminder- we are living in the 21st century! And yet educated women are finding it difficult to get dates? Is it sexism or something else?

Here’s what the problem is all about. Majority of people tend to date and marry into their own class but with colleges having a male and female ratio of 43: 57, there is a dearth of men with an equal level of education. So for people over 30 and with a college degree, the dating pool has four men for every five women. This will of course spell trouble for the sisterhood!

#4.  Your chances of dying in a car crash increase if you are poor

You know what they say “death comes for all”. Apparently, it will come sooner for you if you are poor. According to federal statistics on car accidents, traffic accidents have been worse in the least educated and poorest of the areas. It was found that people without high school diploma have 4.3 times greater chances of being involved in a car crash than those with a college degree. Sounds weird, right?

Here is a simple explanation. People in these areas are forced to live in less secure surroundings. They also drive cheaper and older cars which make them more prone to accidents.

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