Keep Your Girl Happy And Let The Relationship Blossom With These 10 Easy Steps

Have you been wondering recently how to take better care of your SO? If you think only big gestures count, you are wrong my friend. In a relationship, it often comes down to the small but regular efforts that you both put in. Be it a “I miss you” text in the middle of the day or her favorite flowers on a Monday morning, you can keep your girl happy with such gestures as well. Studies suggest reminiscing about happy experiences together strengthen the relationship as well.


#1. Be Present

When you spend time with your SO, make sure you are not just physically present but mentally as well. Look at her, try to understand, and show interest in what she is talking about.

#2. Express Your Appreciation

Many of us are scared of being vulnerable. But if you plan on spending your life with this girl, you have to express yourself fully. And that includes your appreciation for her. Keep your girl happy by telling her how much you appreciate her existence in your life.

#3. Plan Romantic Dates

romantic date

Just because you are together now does not mean you stop putting effort the way you used to initially. Get some candles, flowers, cook her favorite dishes, and surprise her!

#4. Old-Fashioned Charm

Believe it or not, women still swoon over gallant gestures. But it can be something small like opening the door before her. Be old-fashioned and keep trying to woo her!

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