Why Women Can’t Seem to Find a Perfect Man

To all the women who think there are no good men left in the world, this may come as a surprise. There are good men, you haven’t just met them.

Even if you did, you probably missed them or worse- friendzoned them. Well, there might not be a perfect man (neither a perfect woman) but there certainly are nice men. Wondering why you can never find any? Here are 5 reasons why women can’t seem to find a perfect man.

Hook- up culture has taken over

People have plenty of options these days, so why waste your life sticking to one? All thanks to hook-up culture, people have plenty of options to choose from. It seems to have replaced traditional dating and relationships, at least for certain people.  Do you want a stable relationship or just another hook-up? Decide for yourself.

Looking in the wrong places

looking in wrong places

So where do you look for your next date? Tinder? Some nightclub or bar? Maybe you have been looking at all the wrong places until now. You won’t possibly find prince charming at a late night frat party. Bars and clubs aren’t the best places to go looking for love. They may work well if you are looking for physical relationship, but rarely anything more than that will come out of them.

Next time, try talking to some man reading in a coffee shop or who passes you by on his morning runs or in the gym. You want something substantial, look for it in the right places.

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