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Your Kid’s Baby Teeth: Why Should You Preserve Them?

There has been a recent surge in the medical community about storing baby teeth, and for good reason. You might remember giving your teeth away to the tooth fairy when you were a child but science says that if stored and utilised properly, your milk teeth can potentially save your life or help the human race evolve exponentially by being elemental in research in regard to our immunity and so on.

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Recent research shows that baby teeth is rich in stem cells and can be extremely useful in repairing and generating new cells when the body is under shock or is going through trauma.

We have seen that parents sometimes store their children’s baby teeth as a memory or as something to look back upon after a few years but think about how incredible an investment it would be- if they were to preserve them. They could give their children the gift of life twice and that is nothing but an honour for all parents everywhere.

The baby teeth store in them a certain kind of “proto cell” that can be made into any cell when and if the time comes. Damaged tissues can also be renewed if the need ever be.

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Storing these teeth is a little tricky as the storage has to be done immediately, within the lifespan of the stem cells that obviously will lose their potency if kept outside for too long. A lot of organisations are known to provide this service that can be easily found on the internet so all you have to do is type it into Google.

Freezing these stem cells is also a fascinating process; it basically entails storing them in a jar with liquid nitrogen.

Losing your milk teeth is one of the passageways to growing up, which is why most kids are excited by its very prospect. In most houses they leave their teeth under their pillows for the tooth fairy to come and leave a little something for them and if we really think about it, if parents do store their children’s teeth and if they are needed to be used during an emergency sometime in the future, they would be nothing less of an angel anyway.

In conclusion, with science evolving every day, we might never know what more research will reveal, these teeth could turn out to be a cornerstone in the process of evolution in the future.

Baby teeth can also aid the research about how to prevent genetic diseases like diabetes, arthritis and so on, so if you are reading this article and you are a parent who has a kid that’s losing their baby teeth- get up and get preserving!

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