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These Are 10 Ways You Could Look Younger


Who doesn’t want to look a little bit younger? Age does not only come with health complications – it comes with ‘looks complications’ as well. Wrinkles starting to show up is the absolute worst. Well, while we cannot control our aging, we can try to maintain good health and skin to make ourselves look younger.

Here are 10 ways in which we can keep ourselves from aging fast and hence, look younger: 

#1. The Extra Pillow Trick

extra pillow


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When you sleep, gravity keeps working on you and fluid pools collect under your lower eyelids. The result: puffy under-eyes. Keeping an extra pillow can help you drain your eye area and keep it soft.

#2. Look younger in act


Try to act as if you are young. How can you do it? Have a commanding and lively personality. Be authoritative when you speak. Stand and walk with a straight posture. Speak slowly and surely. Since people remember impressions, you will gain a few age points!

#3. Exercise is important

When you exercise, you improve your mental alertness. Plus, the more you exercise, the better is your blood flow powering up your brain. Exercising improves your endorphin levels making you happy inside and looking younger.

#4. Sleep

You don’t need to read any studies to tell you how important sleep is. You need to get at least 6 hours of sleep as an adult, though the preferred duration is 8 hours. It will keep your performance up, and you can feel younger as well.

#5. Eating oats

Try to go for oats during your breakfast. Make your oats with raisins, low-fat milk, and sesame seeds. The carbs in oats burn for a long time, and there are enough proteins in it to fuel your body and brain too.

#6. Posture



If you are hunkering down, always looking at your mobile screen, your posture will go wrong. You will slowly develop a hunch, which is a classic mark of aging. So, consciously keep your spine straight when you walk.

#7. Proper haircut

For men, thinning hair is a classic sign of genetic baldness setting in. Gravity also pushes hair to stay close to the scalp, revealing your bald spots. So, make your hair shorter and add some layering. Your hair will look more natural, and your bald spots will disappear.

#8. Drinking healthy fluids

Cut down on caffeine and alcohol. Rather go for lemon water. If you take cool water with the zest of lemon juice in it, it can give you a richer voice making you sound young.

#9. Remove wrinkles



Omega-3 fatty acids present in fish like salmon, tuna, and trout are quite good for keeping your skin looking younger. If you are vegan, you can go for spinach, beans, or broccoli too. They help in lowering the formation of advanced glycation end-products, which aid in premature aging. 

#10. Sex helps

When you have sex, your blood flow improves, and it comes up to your skin surface. That’s why there is a post-coital glow. It helps you look younger too.

So, try implementing these new techniques in your daily life and start looking younger!

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