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10 Awesome Facts About Dogs

Who doesn’t love god’s greatest gift to mankind- dogs! The adorable bundles of joy come in all sizes and breeds and there is a breed for everyone. But irrespective of so many breeds, there are things common to all dogs like their ‘puppy eyes’. Here are 10 awesome facts about dogs to know more about your pupper!

#1. Dreamy doggo

Dreamy doggo

Just like humans, dogs too can dream while they sleep. Dogs and humans have the same kind of Slow Wave Sleep (SWS) and rapid eye movement (REM). It is during this REM stage that dogs dream. Ever noticed your dog twitch during his sleep, it’s probably cause he is dreaming.

#2. Night vision

What makes dogs so amazing apart from their oodles of cuteness is their ability to see in the dark. Their eyes contain a special membrane called tapetum lucidum which lets them see in the dark.

#3. A sense of time

A sense of time

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People who freely leave their dogs alone should feel bad cause dogs do have a sense of time and know their owners are gone. And yes, they do miss you when you aren’t around. You know how they always know when it’s time for dinner and for a walk, it’s cause of their sense of time. They know, people!

#4. Sweat Glands

Their sweat glands are located between their paw pads. That’s why you should wet their paws on hot days and why they rely on panting to cool off.

#5. They can smell your feelings

They can smell your feelings

You know how your dog curls up next to you on some days, it’s cause they can pick up on your feelings. They can detect subtle changes in your scent and know when you are nervous and fearful. The same way, they know when someone is pregnant.

#6. Not monochrome

A dog’s world isn’t just black and white. They may not able to see colors as vividly as humans but the can detect colors such as green, yellow, greenish-yellow and shades of gray.

#7. The ears

The ears

You know how people just melt when dogs turn their ears a certain way, it’s no wonder cause their ears are extremely expressive. They have over a dozen muscles controlling their muscles.

#8. Hear better than you

Puppies are born deaf but very soon they can hear better than their humans. While humans can hear sounds from 64 hertz too 23,000 hertz, dogs can hear four times more than that -67 to 45,0000 hertz (cycles per second).

#9. Curling up

Curling up

The reason why dogs curl up while sleeping is to warm themselves and protect their vital organs while they sleep.

#10. Yodeling

Not all dog breeds bark. The Basenji is the only breed of dogs that doesn’t bark but they can yodel which is quite fascinating.

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