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Health benefits of eating bananas

Banana happens to be a fruit that is casually consumed on account of its feeling of fullness, texture and taste unlike the others that are eaten for their high health values. Its cheap cost is another reason for it to be largely consumed. Whatever be the reason for consuming a banana, it is a nutritious and wholesome fruit. It is rich in the vital vitamins like the Vitamin A, B complex, C and B-6. Although it contains seventy five percent water, it contains various other nutrients like the manganese, fiber, protein, calcium, iron and phosphorous.

Banana happens to be the best food for enhancing one’s digestion. Its content of carbohydrates and dietary fiber helps in the regulation of the bowel movements leading to healthy digestive system. It also helps to ward off chronic constipation for its pectin contents. Banana serves to reduce the stomach ulcers as well as the openness to developing gastric cancer. On account of its antacid effect, it cures acidity naturally in digestive track. It also plays an important role to distress an individual. This can be explained by referring to the tryptophan content of bananas that has a soothing effect on brain. The tryptophan acts as neurotransmitter which helps to stabilize the mood. Due to the rich content of antioxidant phenolic compounds, they work effectively to maintain healthy kidneys. Its potassium content reduces production of the kidney stones. The amount of Calcium excreted in the urine is also regulated by the bananas. The internal Journal for Cancer showed that taking bananas four to six times a week reduced the chances of developing kidney cancer.

benefits of eating bananas

Bananas also contain the prebiotics called fructooligosaccharide that are important for the vital nutrients to be absorbed into the body. They also help to absorb calcium, so increasing the chances of developing strong bones. Since they prevent the loss of calcium from the body, people are less open to suffer from osteoporosis. For those who suffer from high blood pressure, they are suggested to consume more and more bananas as their low sodium and high content of potassium behaves as the combination to reduce hypertension and chances of stroke. On account of the healthy carbohydrates present in it, it acts as a power boosting fruit which increases energy. For being energetic throughout the day, it is advisable to take a banana in breakfast. It also has positive impacts on an individual’s vision. For avoiding risk of running into macular degeneration, taking three banana servings every day is advised. It’s fiber contents serve to lower down the overeating habits while the Vitamin B6 serves to reduce obesity. When one’s body runs short of electrolytes like while suffering from diarrhea, eating bananas is beneficial as it restores back the electrolytes with its potassium contents. For those who find it difficult to give away the smoking habit, banana aids them also as its vitamins, magnesium and potassium contents provide a soothing effect when one’s body craves for nicotine while trying to quit smoking.


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