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10 Unusual Exercises That Increase Your Brain Power

The human brain is an intricate organ made up of millions of cells that can hold more information than ever thought possible. Training your brain to remember better, think faster and learn more intrinsically is actually a very easy process. It takes some time and some dedication, but soon you will see results and start noticing marked improvement in overall brain function.

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Our brains can be trained and here are some of the unusual exercises that people do to exercise their brains and think more sharply and more readily.

#1. Puzzles

Sudoku, crossword and other brain training puzzles are an excellent way to keep your brain healthy and active well into your golden years. Pick one up today and see the difference a puzzle can make for your brain.

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#2. Become Ambidextrous

By switching dominant hands once in a while, you will be exercising your brain and making it constantly learn or relearn things that you would normally do during the course of your day.

#3. Change Your Daily Routine

Your brain gets used to the things that you do every day and if you have a set way of doing them, change it up. Break up your daily routine and teach your brain new ways of doing things.

#4. Learn a New Language

Portions of your brain lie dormant waiting to be used. By learning a new language, you are waking up that part of your brain that hasn’t been used since you learned your native tongue.

#5. Listen to Music

By listening to music or learning to play an instrument, your brain will get a workout like it has never had. Listening to music takes a lot of work for your brain as the intricate sounds and lyrics coincide with thoughts and memories that you have stored and associated with that song.

#6. Multi-task

Performing multiple tasks at once may seem very easy, but your brain sees it as an intense workout as it works hard to keep your body functioning throughout the tasks being performed.

#7. Read Stories

I don’t just mean read a book, but read a book to yourself. Read it aloud or read it quietly, but reading a book to yourself works in the same manner as reading to small children, it will increase cognitive function and wake up the brain’s receptors.

#8. Upside Down Life

Take everyday objects and turn them upside down. Let your brain look at things in a different way and it will begin to respond better learning new things.

#9. The Smell Of…

Your brain is accustomed to many different smells and it expects them on a daily basis. Try changing this smell routine and add new smells to your day. Bring home different foods or flowers and smell them periodically throughout the day. This will enable the brain to make use of its sense receptors and introduce new scents that it isn’t familiar with.

#10. New Tastes

Just as a new smell will make your brain work harder, so will new flavors in your food. When you go out to eat, try something different. Your brain and your palate will thank you.

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