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Simple steps towards a healthy lifestyle

Sometimes you may feel that living through a healthy diet, getting enough of exercise and finding time to dwell in yourself is quite challenging and strenuous. For a more healthier lifestyle, you need to make one small change at one time and then you can find yourself full of beans. Here’s what you can do for a start.

Try to be physically active. Experts are becoming increasingly concerned about the vast amounts of time for which we are idly sitting, doing nothing. People that spend more than 4 hours in a day sitting down are at higher risks of acquiring chronic illnesses like diabetes, cancer and heart diseases. Even though exercising every now and then isn’t an option, try to be physically active and don’t lie down on the couch or keep yourself fixed on the desk for prolonged periods of time.

Hugs can work wonders. Letting out a hug to your partner not only warms your heart, but protects it too. Studies indicate that hugging your better half for a brief 20 seconds could reduce stress hormone cortisol levels and even lower blood pressure.

Stop pouring extra of salt. On an average, we in take around 9.5 grams of salt every day. Experts say that it should be no more than 6 grams. High levels of salt could push up blood pressure levels; thereby raising the risks of cardiovascular conditions. Sum up the amount of salt you feed in daily and keep a check on it.


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Roam around in the sunshine for a more natural boost. When the sun rays fall on your skin, they produce vitamin D which puts up a strong fight against heart diseases, osteoporosis, depression and some forms of cancer.

One extra portion can do the magic. Studies have found that by eating one extra portion of vegetables and fruits could cut out your risks of dying early from any cause by 20%.

Laughter is undoubtedly the best medicine. Those living with a positive attitude are found to suffer less than others. Find reasons to laugh everyday and give your hormones a slight boost with every laugh.

Quit smoking. It’s never too late if you want to change and making alterations like quitting smoking can improve your diet, reduce cancer risks and will keep you away from heart diseases. If you can refrain from smoking before 40 years of age, it will give you almost all of your life lost due to continued smoking.

Beetroot is the key to good health. Although it may sound bizarre, but researchers have found beetroot to be a secret weapon to cure high blood pressure. 500 ml of beetroot juice a day can wok out wonders. Don’t just sit and think; start drinking the pink stuff and change your lifestyle.

Take up the right number of steps. Invest in a pedometer to measure the number of steps you walk in a day. Experts are of the opinion that 10,000 steps a day could control and limit your weight at an optimum level.

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