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10 Amazing Facts About Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is well known for her bizzare fashion choices and chart-popping music. But very little is known about the singer herself. Here we give you 10 amazing facts about Lady Gaga.

#1. The Name

The Name

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It is already known that her real name is Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta and goes by the stage name Lady Gaga. But it is a lesser known fact that her stage name was supposed to be ‘Radio Ga Ga’, inspired by Queen’s song which later turned to Lady Gaga due to an auto-correct blunder in her producer’s phone.

#2. Cameo in The Hills and MTV

Before she made the world go gaga about her, she made a brief appearance in popular TV show The Hills in 2008. However, her first stint with MTV was in 2005 on the show Boiling Point where she is showing her distaste for a salad that doesn’t look appealing.

#3. Going Platinum Blonde

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Going Platinum Blonde

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Apparently, she was confused with Amy Winehouse in one of her interviews which made her dye her hair platinum blonde.

#4. Musical Whizz

Lady Gaga was a musical whizz from an early age. She started creating music just when she was 4 years old, learnt to play piano by ear on her own and wrote her first song when she was 13. She later performed at open mic nights in the years after.

#5. Tattoos


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She has over 20 tattoos on her body but all on the left side as her father insisted that she keep one-side ink-free and ‘normal’. she honored his request and named her right-side ‘Marilyn Monroe’ while the tattooed side is called ‘Iggy Pop’.

#6. Cup and saucer

She once told in an interview that she carries a purple teacup and saucer with her wherever she goes. She drinks tea with her mother, carrying them makes her feel at home.

#7. Haus of Gaga

Haus of Gaga

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She has a name for the crew members who work with her. They are called “Haus of Gaga”. this crew includes sound artists, designers, visual and clothes artists.

#8. The Meat Dress

Remember the famous ‘meat dress’ she once. Well, it weighed over 50 pounds and didn’t drip blood and had a sweet smell, according to the singer. The dress was then put on display in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame’s “Women Who Rock” exhibition.

#9. Sexuality


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Lady Gaga is vocal about her bisexuality. She has mentioned the same in one of her popular songs ‘Poker Face’. apparently, Jo Caldernone her male alter ego.

#10. Wrote sings for other artists

Apart from writing amazing songs for herself, the “Born This Way” singer has also written sings for other artists such as Fergie, Pussycat Dolls and Britney Spears.

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