10 Facts About the Nintendo Game Boy Every Gamer Should Know

In 1989, the Nintendo Game Boy took the gaming world by storm. It could fit in your pocket and has since then managed to fit in our hearts. Here are 10 facts about everybody’s favorite 90s toy Nintendo Game Boy that every gamer should know.

#1. Not the first hand-held system

Not the first hand-held system

Image Source: flickr.com

Even though it caused a stir in the gaming world, it was not the first handheld system released by Nintendo. It was the second. Before it, the Game and Watch had already been released in 1980.

#2. The Idea

The idea for the Game came to GunPei Yokoi after watching a businessman play with calculator on a trip. Yokoi then became the head of the development team that was responsible for creating the Game Boy. His philosophy was “Lateral thinking with withered technology” meaning using older tech in new and interesting ways.

#3. Over 700 Games

Over 700 Games

There are over 700 games in the system’s library that include CastleVania, Metroid 2, Mega Man and Ghost Babel which was the first ever metal gear solid game on Nintendo. The Game Boy library that includes the the Game Boy, Game Boy Pocket and Game Boy Advance has a total of over 1000 games.

#4. The Design

It had the same button design as the NES so that gamers could pick it up and instinctively know how to play it. It helped Nintendo in getting past the design phase and making gamers shift to Game Boy.

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