10 Interesting Facts About Kim Kardashian

Socialite, entrepreneur, super rich, wife of Kanye West and mother of North West. You would think that you know everything about the social media sensation Kim Kardashian. Well, test your Kim K knowledge with these 10 interesting facts about Kim Kardashian.

#1. Makes $10,000 per tweet

Makes $10,000 per tweet

Image Source: wwikimedia.org

Whenever a sponsor wants her to tweet about their products, they have to shed quite a bit jut for some characters on twitter! And here we are, hoping for someone to read our tweets let alone expecting to be paid to tweet!

#2. One of a kind Madam Tussauds Statue

The popularity of her pout and selfies will now entertain people at Madam Tussauds in London. The statue will be the ‘first selfie-taking’ wax figure along with her famous pout. Visitors will be able to take selfies with her.

#3. Blow dries her jewelry

Blow dries her jewelry

Image Source: blogspot

She once mentioned on Twitter that she blow dries her jewelry because she cannot stand putting on cold jewelry. Unfortunately, not all of us mortals can afford to do this all the time.

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