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10 Interesting Facts About Kim Kardashian

Socialite, entrepreneur, super rich, wife of Kanye West and mother of North West. You would think that you know everything about the social media sensation Kim Kardashian. Well, test your Kim K knowledge with these 10 interesting facts about Kim Kardashian.

#1. Makes $10,000 per tweet

Makes $10,000 per tweet

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Whenever a sponsor wants her to tweet about their products, they have to shed quite a bit jut for some characters on twitter! And here we are, hoping for someone to read our tweets let alone expecting to be paid to tweet!

#2. One of a kind Madam Tussauds Statue

The popularity of her pout and selfies will now entertain people at Madam Tussauds in London. The statue will be the ‘first selfie-taking’ wax figure along with her famous pout. Visitors will be able to take selfies with her.

#3. Blow dries her jewelry

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Blow dries her jewelry

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She once mentioned on Twitter that she blow dries her jewelry because she cannot stand putting on cold jewelry. Unfortunately, not all of us mortals can afford to do this all the time.

#4. Doesn’t drink very often

She doesn’t drink or gets involved in drugs very often apart from her ‘Five shots of vodka every three years’. however, she is known to put equal in her iced tea.

#5. Kim K went to an all-girls Catholic School

She went to Marymont High School- the school to which Mariska Hargitay and Mia Farrow attended. In fact, she even completed 100 hours of community service there before graduating.

#6. Queen of Organizing Closets

Queen of Organizing Closets

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Before becoming an icon that she is now, Kim earned money by organizing closets. In fact, she is known to have displayed her abilities by organizing closets of Cindy Crawford, Nicky Hilton, Serena Williams and Nicole Richie.

#7. Dated M.J’s Nephew and partied at his Neverland Ranch

When she was 14, Kim Kardashian dated T.J. Jackson, Michael Jackson’s nephew and guess where her 14th birthday party was? At Michael Jackson’s Neverland ranch! She said that it was the most magical place on earth with an amusement park and zoo. When one drives up, you can see baby elephants and chimpanzees in overalls. The place is everything you can imagine.

#8. History with Paris Hilton

History with Paris Hilton

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While her sex tape brought Kim K into limelight, she was also finding fame as a friend and personal assistant to hotel heiress Paris Hilton. Paris once quoted that she ‘made Kim Kardashian’ though now Kim K is the more popular one. Both of them had a fallout during 2007/08.

#9. Her godfather is O.J. Simpson

Well according to him at least. He said that he was present in the delivery room when Kim was born. Moreover, Kim’s sister Kendall’s middle name is Nicole- named after Nicole Brown, O.J’s ex wife.

#10. She made a cameo appearance in How I Met Your Mother

She made a cameo appearance in How I Met Your Mother

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Maybe just for five seconds, but Kim K did make an appearance in the popular sitcom HIMYM. She is found by Marshall on the front of a magazine while he is struggling to find the confidence to use the office toilet. Kim K offers him support and confidence to do that.

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