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10 Facts About Barron Trump- The Most Popular Kid in USA

Not much is known about the youngest member of the Trump family- Barron Trump who is probably the most famous kid in the US right now. Here are 10 facts about Barron Trump you should know as the Trump family moves into the White House.

#1. First White House Son after JFK Jr.

First White House Son after JFK Jr.

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Since 1963, only daughters have lived in the White House which makes Barron the first son after John F. Kennedy Jr, in 54 years. JFK Jr’s father was assassinated just before his third birthday, in 1963.

#2. Youngest of the 5 Kids

Youngest of the 5 Kids

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Barron has four half siblings. The first three- Donald Jr, Eric Trump and Ivanka Trump from Donald Trump’s first marriage with Ivana Trump. Another 23- year old Tiffany Trump from Trump’s second wife Marla Maples. Barron was born to Melania and Donald Trump in March 2006.

#3. He is bilingual

He is bilingual

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Barron is fluent in both English and Slovene, thanks to his Slovenian mother Melania who herself knows five languages- Slovene, French, German, English and Serbian.

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