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The weirdest things your body does without you even knowing, while you sleep

Sleep is a necessity, as we can’t live without it, and a complex process at the same time, allowing our body to refresh. At least that’s what we think, and mainly it is true since we always feel better after a good night sleep. But still, there are some things happening with your body, which you are not aware of since you are left unconscious while sleeping. Here are the weirdest things that happen to you in your most serene moments. And don’t worry, they are perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with you.

#1    The overall temperature of the body drops

•The overall temperature of the body drops
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Ever woke up in the middle of the night, feeling chills down the spines, and looking for the blanket? It is the natural way your body prepares for sleep, since your brain releases melatonin, telling your body it is time for bed. The lowest temperature is recorded around 2 AM; this is why we might feel cold if we are not covered or the chills we feel at the time if we are still awake.

#2     You get fitter

You get fitter

Amazingly, but our body loses weight while sleeping. So the best time to use a scale in the morning, since we lose a significant amount of water through breathing and perspiration. This is why not sleeping enough can make your weight losing diets inefficient because you’re wasting the most important part of it, by losing sleep.

#3     You are paralyzed for a period

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You are paralyzed for a period
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Yes, it may sound creepy, but there is a particular period in which you are not able to move or react. It is explained in those bad dreams from which you can’t wake up. You realize something is going terribly wrong in your dream, but you have no ability to move or make it go away by waking up. Usually, this happens during the REM phase, in which your body is in the deepest sleep state and completely inactive.

#4     You feel like falling

 You feel like falling
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Ever felt like falling out of bed, right after falling asleep, being woken up by involuntary spasms of your muscles, in an attempt to attenuate the imaginative fall? It is the way your body relaxes and gets prepared for going on standby, and it is called a hypnotic pulse. Everybody experiences it since the body’s functions drop in such a degree that your brain interprets it as a fall.

#5     Your eyes move chaotically

Your eyes move chaotically
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If you ever catch anyone in the deepest state of sleep, you will see his or her eyes move rapidly and chaotically under the closed eyelids. This is happening to you two when you sleep. It is because of REM, or rapid eye movement stage, which usually occurs at the end of the sleeping process. It is said that if you don’t wake up before this phase, you will feel more refreshed and rested in the morning.

#6    The lust and sexual desire grow during sleep

It explains why men have erections during sleep and why women experience erotic dreams. The explanation lies in the fact that our brain is most active during the REM stage. Thus, it needs more oxygen to function. And while blood is rushing through our body in search for oxygen, it reaches our extremities, pumping blood in our sexually sensitive areas as well.

#7    Flatulence may be unavoidable

Flatulence may be unavoidable
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This may be an aspect you wouldn’t feel comfortable about it, but you are more likely to produce gasses while sleeping. If during the day this aspect is controllable, during the night the sphincter relaxes so much that you won’t even feel when something might escape. But don’t worry, you and your spouse will be sleeping so well that your sense of smell is inactivated. So most probably not one will ever notice that happening.

#8    The body will jerk involuntarily

 The body will jerk involuntarily

Probably you were woken up by your spouse, who started shaking while sleeping. This may have happened to you too since it is a common occurrence while we sleep. 70% of people experience the “hypnic jerk”. Some scientists believe it has something to do with stress and anxiety accumulations, while some think it is only a natural manifestation.

#9    The skin produces collagen

The skin produces collagen
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And we all know just how important collagen is to reduce wrinkles and give us a fresh and youthful look. It should be another good reason not to miss those crucial sleeping hours during the night. So it is best to use moisturizing skin creams before going to bed, as they will be better absorbed and used by your skin while you sleep.

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