The weirdest things your body does without you even knowing, while you sleep

Sleep is a necessity, as we can’t live without it, and a complex process at the same time, allowing our body to refresh. At least that’s what we think, and mainly it is true since we always feel better after a good night sleep. But still, there are some things happening with your body, which you are not aware of since you are left unconscious while sleeping. Here are the weirdest things that happen to you in your most serene moments. And don’t worry, they are perfectly normal and there is nothing wrong with you.

#1    The overall temperature of the body drops

Ever woke up in the middle of the night, feeling chills down the spines, and looking for the blanket? It is the natural way your body prepares for sleep, since your brain releases melatonin, telling your body it is time for bed. The lowest temperature is recorded around 2 AM; this is why we might feel cold if we are not covered or the chills we feel at the time if we are still awake.

#2     You get fitter

You get fitter

Amazingly, but our body loses weight while sleeping. So the best time to use a scale in the morning, since we lose a significant amount of water through breathing and perspiration. This is why not sleeping enough can make your weight losing diets inefficient because you’re wasting the most important part of it, by losing sleep.

#3     You are paralyzed for a period

Yes, it may sound creepy, but there is a particular period in which you are not able to move or react. It is explained in those bad dreams from which you can’t wake up. You realize something is going terribly wrong in your dream, but you have no ability to move or make it go away by waking up. Usually, this happens during the REM phase, in which your body is in the deepest sleep state and completely inactive.

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