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Amazing WhatsApp Facts That You Didn’t Know About.

Life without WhatsApp has become so difficult, probably because we are getting dependent on it. WhatsApp is useful and helpful too, reason why we are addicted to it. It makes messaging and file sharing easiest and with the calling feature it has become pocket friendly. If you get so many features at free of cost then why not. I’m every alternate person reading this, uses it. But how much do you know about it? Read some amazing WhatsApp facts.

Here are certain WhatsApp facts which were unknown to you.

1. WhatsApp is valued more than the Gross Domestic Product of some countries like Iceland, North Korea and Jamaica. Wow! Did you ever imagine that WhatsApp could be this important? More than a country’s GDP? Incredible

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2. WhatsApp doesn’t spend much. Yes, you read it right. You will surprised to know that it had spent ZERO amount of cash in marketing, PR and user acquisition. Amazing, no?

3.  Ever wondered how popular WhatsApp  is? Well, we could say that by how much we use it. As on January, 2015 it was said that 30 billion messages gets sent and received every day. Billions in a day, can you guess the popularity it has?

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4. In spite of spending so less, WhatsApp is worth more than some of the world’s largest companies such as Harley Davidson whose worth is 14 billion dollars or American Airlines with worth 12 billion dollars. It is surprising that the company is worth more than NASA’s annual budget which is supposed to be 17 billion dollars approximately.

5. WhatsApp says that an average user checks/opens the app at least 23 times on a daily basis. But you know better and that’s definitely more than that. Addiction it is!

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6. WhatsApp is one of the reasons behind this selfie craze. It was found out that WhatsApp was responsible for 27% selfies shared on social media. Unbelievable.

7. Facebook and Twitter both, is spite of having the chance, did not hire the founder Brian Acton. Now look where he is. They must be regretting.


8.  You will definitely not believe this but it is true that WhatsApp has only 55 employees. How is this possible? I can’t answer that but one thing I surely know that they must be drenched in money.

9. The App is 5th most downloaded app in the world. You know why.

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10. WhatsApp has only 34 engineers. Can you imagine what that means? Well, it directs that each engineer handles 23 million active users. Must be incredibly genius!

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