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10 Things You Had Been Doing Wrong.

It has happened so many times that you can’t understand why things mess up even when you do it right. The simplest things turn out to be a total crap and you can’t even figure out why or how. Did you ever wonder what if you were doing it wrong all this time?

Here are certain things that you had been doing wrong all this time.

#1. Filling big container.

Filling big container
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Tell me you spill water on the floor whenever you try filling a container from the sink, don’t you? You either use a small mug and fill at a time or make a mess, both are not good. What you can do is place a dustpan in the sink in such a way that it funnels water to your container.

#2. Peeling oranges.

Peeling oranges

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You always make the juice go waste because you can’t peel the orange properly. Cut small parts from top and bottom and then open from one side. It comes out in a nice  non sticky way.

#3. Peel the Banana from the bottom.

Yes, that’s right! You are supposed to peel off bananas from the bottom. Know how it was discovered? From the monkeys. They peel it that way and it was found that that’s the better and correct way to do it.

#4. Using extension cords.

Using extension cords
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Does your extension cords get undone with just a little push or pull? It does! Well, that’s because you were using them wrong. First tie both the wires and then attach the cords. Pull it as much you want, they won’t get detached.

#5. Folding t-shirts in two seconds.

folding shirt
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You either do a lengthy process or leave your t-shirts unfolded. That causes creases on your clothes. Here’s a step by step image for folding your t-shirt in just two seconds.

#6. Putting on your earphones.

Putting on your earphones
Image Source

If your earphones fall off every time then you are wearing them wrong. The right way to wear your earphones is by coiling them over your ears and then putting it inside.

#7. Eating your pizza.

Eating your pizza.
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The way you eat your pizza slices, you always drop most of your toppings. The correct way to eat pizza is by folding it a bit in a way that it makes a U. That way you will not spill your toppings.

#8. Heating two bowls in a microwave at once.

Heating two bowls in a microwave at once.
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Why waste so much electricity and effort by heating the food twice? When you have two bowls to heat, just place one at the top of a mug. Both will fit in at once.

#9. Eating cupcakes like sandwiches.

Eating cupcakes like sandwiches.
Image Source

Yes, that is the right way to eat cupcakes if you want the frosting in every bite. Otherwise what happens? You just have to eat the dry pastry at the bottom part without any taste.

#10. Listening to music from phone.

Listening to music from phone.
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You can enhance the sound of your music by placing the phone in a glass or cup.

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