10 Things You Had Been Doing Wrong.

It has happened so many times that you can’t understand why things mess up even when you do it right. The simplest things turn out to be a total crap and you can’t even figure out why or how. Did you ever wonder what if you were doing it wrong all this time?

Here are certain things that you had been doing wrong all this time.

#1. Filling big container.

Tell me you spill water on the floor whenever you try filling a container from the sink, don’t you? You either use a small mug and fill at a time or make a mess, both are not good. What you can do is place a dustpan in the sink in such a way that it funnels water to your container.


#2. Peeling oranges.

Peeling oranges

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You always make the juice go waste because you can’t peel the orange properly. Cut small parts from top and bottom and then open from one side. It comes out in a nice  non sticky way.

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