20 Keyboard Shortcuts To Assist You In Your Work

Considering this is quarantine season and we are all working from home, it is important for all of us to know of some keyboard shortcuts that would progressively cut down on time and increase productivity. Also, how long will you keep clicking your mouse? Let’s learn some important keyboard shortcuts that would cut down on time and increase productivity. Here are 20 most useful ones.


1. Win + I – To open Windows settings

2. Win + S – To pop up the search bar

3. Win + M –  Minimizing all windows

4. Win + Num – Starts up the application that is stuck on the taskbar. The number would denote the corresponding app

5. Win + Arrow Key – Switches between apps to the left and right

6. Win + comma – Sneaks a peek at the Windows screen

7. Win + Prnt Scrn – Takes a screenshot, and saves it in the folder ascribed for screenshots

8. Shift+ Win+ S – Takes a screenshot of a specified location of the page

9. Ctrl + A – Selects every content



1. Ctrl + N – Brings out a new document

2. Ctrl + O – Brings out an existing document

3. Ctrl + K – Creates a hyperlink

4. Ctrl + Shift + K – Changes every small letter into capital

5. Alt + Ctrl + 1/2/3 – Changes the Heading paragraph style


1. Ctrl + Shift + T – Opens a tab that was previously closed

2. Ctrl +Tab – Helps in switching between tabs

3. Ctrl + L – Shift the focus to the address bar so one can begin typing.

4. Alt + Home – Brings the user back to the homepage.

5. F5 – Refreshes.

6. Shift + Left Click – A link starts up in a new window.


1. Command + Tab – Switches to the last used app among your open apps.

2. Command + Y  Uses Quick Look to preview the selected files.

3. Shift + Command + O  Opens the Documents folder.

4. Option + Command + L  Opens the Downloads folder.

5. Option + Shift + Command + Delete  Empties the Trash without confirmation dialog.

6. Shift + Command + “-”  Decreases the size of the selected item.

7. Shift + Command + “+”  Increases the size of the selected item.

Hope these keyboard shortcuts make your quarantined life a bit easier than the mess it can get.

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