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6 Most Secure Browsers for Private Browsing

With people becoming more and more aware of the amount of information their web browser might be storing, the inclination towards more secure and private browsers has grown. Even though they do not provide 100% security and anonymity, they are still more secure than your average daily browsers. Take a look at the 6 most secure browsers.


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#1. Epic Privacy Browser

This is a minimalistic version of the Google Chrome but with more security as it avoid every conceivable feature to increase privacy. After every session ends, it automatically removes cookies and trackers and all your searches are proxied through the company’s own servers. It also doesn’t collect user data and provides in-built ad blocking. The only downside is that it slows down your surfing experience.

#2. Tor

Tor is designed to keep your identity and computer as anonymous as possible. It preserves your privacy from the sites you visit. It is based on Firefox, ope source and is preconfigured to access the Tor network. Majority of plug-ins and services have been disabled to keep security to maximum. However, it is more suitable for digital and physical anonymity and not security and encryption.

#3. Comodo Dragon/ Ice Dragon

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Comodo offers two varieties of browsers. One is based on Chromium while the other is based on Firefox (Ice Dragon). you can choose either one depending on which browser you want it to maintain compatibility with including your plug-ins, favorites, stored passwords etc. Both of them offer a host of features such as being able to choose their SecureDNS servers. The browser also offers a ‘virtualised mode’ which isolates it from the host system. However, you need to install Comodo Internet Security (CIS) for the same.

#4. Dooble

Based on Chromium, this browser isn’t meant for everyone. Insecure interfaces such as Javascript and Flash are disabled in its default mode which also makes it difficult for the user to surf a of of sites. All the user content such as history, bookmarks and browsing preferences can be encrypted by means of various ciphers. It enables private browsing and automatically assumes the user wants to surf incognito.

#5. Maxthon

The browser was built for synchronization between mobile and PC and has features that most browsers only offer as plug-ins. It offers URL checker to find and block malicious websites. It also uses sandboxing just like Microsoft Edge and Chrome to separate browser activity. It also comes with a private browsing mode and a do not track function. Maxthon also has an in-built ad blocker. More importantly, it offers features such as inbox protector, password manager and a document manager.

#6. Brave

Coming from Mozilla, this is a relatively new browser but offers greater speed and better ad-tracking controls. It can replaces targeted ads with its own ads and also restricts ad-tracking which means a better browsing experience for the user via better speed and private browsing. It prioritizes privacy but is still in its infancy stage.

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