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8 Pieces of Small Tech That Can change Your Life

When one talks of modern technology, one thinks of driver-less cars, drones etc. But we often lose sight of small wonders of the same technology that have made our life easier. Take a look at such 8 pieces of small tech that can change you life.

#1. Vibrating Jeans

Displayed at the CES in Las Vegas this year, these jeans serve a dual purpose, apart from looking stylish, they also give you directions. So you don’t have to take out your phone and stare at a screen while walking. These jeans will vibrate on the left side or the right side to guide you to the correct direction.

#2. Fitness Tracker

Fitness Tracker

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With wearable tech on the rise, fitness trackers come as no surprise. With just a simple device strapped across your arm, you can easily know your vital stats such as blood pressure, pulse rate and body temperature. This comes a lifesaver for people with hypertension as they know the impact of the physical activity they are doing or missing out on.

#3. Home monitoring Device

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Isn’t it great to be able to monitor your home even when you aren’t home? To be able to switch off lights, change temperature or to ensure that it is safe at all times. With the home monitoring system, it is possible to do all the same and more.

#4. Digitsole

Bid adieu to cold toes! These are smart shoes that track your movement and allow you to heat your feet to the desired temperature. With these shoes, you will never have to go through the problem of stepping into cold shoes.

#5. The hair coach

The answer to all of women’s worries on hair problems. The Hair Coach is a smart hairbrush that analyses your hair and brushing style to enlighten you on how you can avoid a bad hair day. So, no more messy buns on bad hair days!

#6. Paro


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Always wanted a pet but couldn’t because of pet allergies? Well, fear not because Paro is the pet you have been waiting for all your life. It’s a gadget that comes in the form of a pet so that you can pet that floof all you want!

#7. Electronic Food Scale

Sadly, not many of us pay attention to our diets or how much of what we are consuming. And worst of all, we forget about how much to eat, thanks to large sized meals. But with an electronic scale, you can put limits on food portions and only eat a reasonable amount. This way, you can eat less but more frequently.

#8. The Welt

A belt that can tell you whether you are healthy or not, sounds fun, right? Well, that is exactly what this belt does. It analyzes your waist size, activity and food intake to ensure that you are healthy.

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