The Best Foods for any Diet or Lifestyle

There are many different diets and lifestyles out there. Some people are vegetarian, some vegan, some practically carnivorous. Some of us are allergic to dairy, to gluten (some of us are just avoiding it because we think it’s healthy to do so); some of us don’t like Brussel sprouts. So what’s a person to eat, if they want to be healthy?

#1.      Beans


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Beans are an excellent source of protein, and they’ve never been attached to an animal, making them perfect for vegans and vegetarians. They are cheap, filling, and can be made into just about anything! They make you feel full for longer, which can stop you from eating too much or, if you aren’t a rich white woman, can help you make your slim budget go further. If you must know, beans make you feel full for longer because they are high in fibre and are slow to digest.

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