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She Kept Napkins in Her Underarm and See What Happened – Fashion Hacks.

We do so many things to look fashionable and good but get annoyed all while. Either our pant chain keeps opening or your jeans don’t remain inside the boots. All these little problems irritate us and spoil the moment. Girls have to keep pulling and pushing to keep their accessories fixed in their places, but they just don’t listen. Sometimes it is impossible to fix them in public, of course you can’t pull up your chain in public. You try so many makeup kits and cosmetics and unique accessories, but did you know that daily use things can fix everything perfectly?

Here are some simple fashion hacks that you must know!

#1. Hide your sweat stains.

It looks very ugly when you put up your hands and the under arms are stained. Now that you can’t stop sweating, you can’t get rid of the stains. So why not hide it? Placing a napkin or a cotton pad under your arms and above your sleeves will soak the sweat and not let it reach your clothes. No sweat, no stains! Raise your hands freely 😉

#2. Don’t have water proof canvas? Make one!

When, on a rainy day, you don’t want to miss your canvas then wear them, who’s stopping? Don’t worry about it getting wet. You can make them water proof. Just apply beeswax over it and blow dry it. Your home made water proof canvas is ready, go splashing!

#3. Make your jeans stay inside the boots.

Your jeans always keep going up and it is very irritating. They just don’t stay where they are asked to, so make them do it. Use mitten clips or just rubber-bands attached with bobby pins and place it at the bottom of your pants to keep them in place.

#4.Stop Your chain from coming down.

How embarrassing it is when you find your chain open in public? No, you didn’t forget to pull it up. Sometimes when you sit down, the chain do comes down. So what shall we do? Tie the clip of the chain with the button of your pant using a rubber band. You can also use key rings, alternatively.

#5. Stretch Your small shoes.

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It happens that your shoes fit perfectly but causes you pain since it is tight. It sometimes gives you terrible shoe bites. What you can do is enlarge them a bit. How to do that? Put on thick socks and then wear your shoes, blow dry it on the places where they are tight. Your shoes are fine and comfy now.

Besides these little tricks you can always carry some safety tools with you. Make sure you always have couple of safety pins and elastic bands wherever you go. You never know when you might need them.

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