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6 Spectacular Sceneries That Inspired British Poets & Writers

Ever wondered why British novels and poetries give such vivid description of the beautiful highlands, the lakes, the green pastures and a social life you wished you had? You will know when you will look at these beautiful places and sceneries that have inspired British literature for ages. Fall in love with literature as you take a look at these 6 spectacular sceneries that have inspired British Poets and Writers.

#1.  Bath

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Imagine a June Austen novel, that’s how beautiful Bath is. It has strong influence on many of her works including Persuasion and Northanger Abbey. Austen had links to this beautiful Georgian town and she has beautifully captured them in her works.

#2.  The Lake District

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The beautiful lakes, rugged mountains and picturesque hills of the Lake District have inspired several poets and writers. You could say, English literature wouldn’t be the same without a scene from this marvellous place full of awe inspiring sights. William Wordsworth, Lord Tennyson, Sir Walter Scott have all searched inspiration here. Other poets include Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Robert Southey and Robert Lovell who looked over river Great to seek some inspiration.

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