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10 Photos You Just Can’t Explain

Sometimes photographs surface that just defy explanation. They capture a moment that looks to be beyond understanding, beyond belief. Here’s a list of 10 old-timey photographs that do just that.

#1)      The Solway Firth Astronaut

Image Source

Jim Templeton and his daughter were out for the day, having a nice old time, spending some good quality father-daughter time together. While they were out, Jim took a photograph of his daughter. He didn’t notice anything strange about the slightly marshy area where they were but when the film was developed, he noticed what looks like an astronaut standing behind his daughter. Jim asserted that there was no one else around when he took the photo.

#2)      The Dyatlov Pass Incident

Image Source

The photo above was taken by a rescue crew sent out to a site in the Ural Mountains where a team of experience Soviet mountaineers died mysteriously overnight, running out of their tent into the snow as if to escape something. Some suffered terrifying injuries, including head injuries and one hiker had his tongue removed. Their clothing was all found to be radioactive as well!

#3)      The Falcon Lake Incident

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Image Source

He went and said the A-word. Aliens. Stefan Michalak asserts that he saw two UFOs land when he was out in the woods but, when he tried to communicate with the being inside, they took off with a  blast of hot air through a grid or vent, that seared Stefan’s chest as seen above.

#4)      Phoenix Lights

Image Source

A series of stationary lights appeared over Phoenix Arizona and stayed there for hours, not moving at all. They have appeared in 1997, 2007 and 2008, completely without explanation.

#5)      The Photograph of Edna Cintron

Image Source

Photographs from 9/11 show a woman, Edna Cintron, calling for help from the gaping hole in the South Tower. How she survived the impact of the plane is entirely unknown.

#6)      The Mystery Thumb

Image Source

No aliens or conspiracies here. Just the question of where the hell did that thumb to the right of the boy in the black come from? No, don’t answer that. Please.

#7)      The Babushka Lady

Image Source

A photograph from Dallas, 1962. The woman in the brown coat was said, by the FBI, to have recorded the entirety of the events of Kennedy’s assassination, and to have been standing near the car at the time. It is believed that she could have seen much of what happened, and so answer questions that (supposedly) remain unanswered. No one has been able to locate her.

#8)      The Black Knight Satelitte

Image Source

This photograph was taken from the International Space Station, and supposedly shows a black monolith that has been orbiting the Earth for 13000 years. No one knows how it got there, or what it is.

#9)      The 1941 Time Traveller

Image Source

The man on the right, highlighted in red, appears to be holding a modern camera, and his clothes look out of place in the vintage suits and hats. Could he be a time traveller? Or just someone ahead of his time?

#10)  The Madonna With Saint Giovannino

Image Source

This is one of the most famous unexplainable images of all history. The painting, while of Mary, hides a secret. In the top right, there is something that appears uncannily like a UFO, being watched by a man and his dog.

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