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Top 8 Most Terrifying Places on Earth

From suicide forest to creepy mental asylums, there world is full of terrifying places. here are the 8 most terrifying places on earth. Visit them at your own risk.

#1. The Island of Dolls: Xochimilco, Mexico

The Island of Dolls Xochimilco

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Xochimilco is a well-known heritage site but there is one more thing it is very popular for- The Island of Dolls. There are hundreds of dolls and doll parts scattered and hanging from trees. Think Annabelle is scary, Doll Island is even more scarier.

#2. Capuchin Catacombs of Palermo, Sicily, Italy

This macabre was created way back in the 16th century and when the cemetery became overrun, underlying crypts were dug to make more room. The result? There are around 8000 bodies in the underground tombs with corpses displayed like museum exhibits in lifelike posts.

#3. The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

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door to hell

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A 230- foot wide crater that just won’t stop burning! Probably locals rightly call it the ‘Door to Hell’. How else would hell’s entryway look like? When the Soviet scientists were searching for oil back in 1971, they weren’t expecting a major disaster to happen. They hit a methane reservoir by accident which led to collapsing of the drilling platform which formed a dangerous crater.

#4. Suicide Forest, Japan

Suicide Forest, Japan

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A deep and serene forest at the base of Mount Fuji, sounds so good. But what comes next takes away all the tranquillity. There are clothes, letters, tape and strings sprinkled in the deep of the woods. You may wonder why? It’s because this forest is popular for suicides. Over 247people tried to commit suicide here and out of them 54 were successful.

#5. Moundsville, West Virginia

Moundsville has a violent history. 120 years ago, it was a site to capture and punish criminals. They were put behind bars without any food. Most of them died due to hunger and the scary interiors of the place. The place is now believed to be haunted by their spirits.

#6. Stull Cemetery, Bumfuck

In the early 20th century, the town was marked with deaths. Initially, a father and son died and then started a chain of deaths across the village. Some were murdered and some hanged themselves to death. The town now has only 20 residents but the creepy vibe remains.

#7. The Ridges, Ohio

The Ridges, Ohio

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The Ridges was formerly known as Athens Lunatic Asylum. And today, it is believed to be haunted by a patient’s ghost. It is said that she ran away from hospital only to be found 6 weeks later in an unused ward where she had taken off all her clothes, and laid down on cold concrete floor where she died. The permanent scar left by her corpse remains visible even today.

#8. Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile

Found on a saltpetre mine, this town of Chile boomed for some time and was then abandoned after the Great Depression and various other blows. It is now believed that former dead residents walk here at night. The cemetery has open graves with fully exposed corpses.

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