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10 Travel Books to Spark Your Wanderlust

“Travel makes one modest. You see what tiny place you occupy in the world”- Gustave Flaubert.

Travelers are different people, they hate being tied down to ‘normal lives’ and look for meaning of life or explore and experience new people and cultures by travelling. So, if you still need a reason, here’s our list of 10 travel books to spark your wanderlust to remind you what an irreplaceable experience it is.

#1.  On the Road- Jack Kerouac

On the Road- Jack Kerouac
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The book transports the reader from New York to Denver, San Francisco and LA. After reading Kerouac’s accounts of his travels in this wonderful book, you might not be able to settle in one place ever again! There’s jazz, poetry and drugs and Dean Moriarity’s thirst for life gives this book a unique charm.

#2.  The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho

The Alchemist- Paulo Coelho
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This one is for dreamers and who are willing to travel and experience life to find out its true meaning. This story follows a young shepherd boy who is in search for his destiny. The book is full of wonderful and inspirational experiences and inspires one to follow his dreams.

#3.  The Odyssey- Homer

A historical and enjoyable read, The Odyssey is probably one of the first adventure stories. Told in the form of a poem, it tells the story of Odysseus who is going back to his kingdom after 10 years of the Trojan War. The tales of adventure of his journey take you back to the past. So sit back, and take a time trip.

#4.  As I Walked out one midsummer morning – Laurie Lee

This is a masterpiece in English travel writing. Armed with an adventure spirit, the lyrical account of Lee’s travels is poetic and exhilarating.

#5.  The innocents abroad – Mark Twain

The innocents abroad - Mark Twain
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This one is a hilarious piece by Mark Twain. The book very well describes the experience of an American traveller in Europe. If you are looking for something with a fun side and explore a different side of travelling, this one is for you.

#6.  Walden- Henry David Thoreau

Thoreau penned down his experience of spending over two years in the woods in this book. It was originally published as ‘Walden; or, Life in the woods’. This is a masterpiece for those seeking solace in nature and wilderness.

#7.  Into the Wild- Jon Krakauer

You must have heard of it, albeit known it more because it was then later adapted into a movie. This is a tale of Christopher Johnson McCandless who hitchhikes all the way to Alaska in an attempt to run away from the modern life. This is perfect for those looking for a refuge from the same old mundane life.

#8.  Naples’44- Norman Lewis

This is a yearlong diary of a city and its population on the brink of starvation, where women have been pushed to prostitution. Written by Lewis when he arrived as an intelligence officer in Naples, the book has various extraordinary characters.

#9.  Coasting- Jonathan Raban

The book is a metaphor for Raban’s own life and tells the story of his 4,000-mile journey around Britain in a ketch with just a compass for navigation. At the same time, it is full of personal memories while giving you an account of the voyage.

#10.  Homage to Catalonia- George Orwell

1EN-625-B1945 Orwell, George (eigentl. Eric Arthur Blair), engl. Schriftsteller, Motihari (Indien) 25.1.1903 - London 21.1.1950. Foto, um 1945.
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Published in 1938, it is written by one of the finest fiction writers. It gives a very vivid description of Barcelona during rough times and describes the role Orwell played in the Spanish Civil War. As expected, it consists of political history along with travelogue and autobiography.

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