10 Must-Know Facts About Rap God Eminem

#5. Slept through his Grammy win

When he won the Academy Award for his song lose Yourself’, he did not show up to accept it. He was sleeping in his home in Detroit.

#6. Arrested at 20

Arrested at 20

Image Source: flickr.com

Eminem has had a lot of close brushes with the law and one of them was when he was 20. He and his friends shot at a police car with a paintball gun. However, the case was dismissed when the victim did not show up at the court.

#7. Shy and introvert

His songs may suggest otherwise and he might be notorious for mocking other artists via his songs but in real life, Marshal Matthews is a shy person. This was partly because he had to change a lot of houses and schools and never quite made a lot of friends.

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