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15 Ways to Stay Creative

Creative is not something one can find “just around the corner”. Creativity, like anything else, needs efforts. Creativity is something that makes our life colorful and bright. Though there is a little bit of problem, which is that, in today’s busy “rat-race everywhere” world it can be a little hard to keep up with creativity. You may have noticed that something inspires you (in the terms of creativity of course) and you try to indulge in some activity, but for some reasons you cannot complete it, be it maintaining a scrapbook or redecorating your home. You seem to have lost the touch (*or so you think*) or run out of ideas.

Here are some tips to solve the problems you face while staying creative:

#1  Carry a notebook with you and jot down ideas


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If you carry a notebook with you at all times (except in parties and stuff) then you have a benefit at your hands; as soon as an idea pops up in your head you can just scribble it down. Later when you read that notebook (maybe at the end of the day) you will be surprised at the amount of ideas your brain churns out. Just follow whichever one you like.

#2  Read a good book

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good book

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And I emphasize on a really good one. You never know what it stores for you, maybe a really good creative idea!

#3  Listen to your favorite song

Well you know that music relaxes minds. What if I told you your favorite music might help you in staying creative. If you are feeling like you are low on creative ideas, then just turn on your favorite music and see how your mind works.


#4  Go for a walk

No, I am not asking you to exercise (but what harm can a little walk do?). Creative ideas need fresh air, and greenery and all things natural. Where can one get all these but during a walk?

#5  Make a list of your favorite things


Yeah, do that! Favorite things are always behind inspirations. Favorite people too. ( 😀 )

#6  Look through some old photo albums


Who knows what or which memory might trigger the creative blast.

#7  Try out a new food

 new food

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Anything new is good. If you cannot get any new ideas regarding your creative project, go out and try a new restaurant and food, or maybe just try making some.

#8  Don’t be afraid to make mistakes


If you are a fairly creative person then I am fairly certain that you are bound to make mistakes, every human being is. But don’t let that hold you back. Well, what do you think gave way to modern art? (*wink, wink)

#9  30 second dance party

dance party

Dancing is the best way to bring out the creative you in you. If you are feeling down just get up and have a dance party with yourself, even if it is for 30 short seconds.

#10  Sing in the shower

Everyone is a good singer (well, at least a good bathroom singer). Just take a nice hot shower and sing your heart out, and voila! An idea might just pop out from your head.

#11  Window-shopping!!

window shopping

If you don’t like to walk, and you cannot come up with any fresh ideas, plus you need to get out of the house-just to catch a break- what can be better than window-shopping? You just got yourself a reason.

#12   Clean your workspace

A clean surrounding is always good for your mind.

#13  Spend some quality time with your loved ones

The more time you spend with them, the more inspiration you get; or so one might say. Don’t lock yourself up. Learn to spend some time with your friends and family.

#14  Laugh!

The more you laugh, the fuller of light and energy you are; and that’s what creativity needs.

#15   Don’t give up!

Whatever you do, don’t give up on what you started.

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