5 Real Life Haunted Houses

In horror movies, haunted houses can shock and cause a great deal of turmoil for characters. No one thinks about the real life ramifications of living within the walls of some of these houses, especially when there are a lot real world places that you can live and take on ghosts, ghouls, and paranormal activity. Whether you’re a believer in hauntings, or you like a good scare, there are some places that you don’t want to live in or even stay put for the night. The following list of real life haunted houses are not just places that you can actually live in, they are the subject matter of horror movies, documentaries, and places that will shock you until you leave.

Beware if you see the following 5 real life haunted houses for sale in your area.

#1   The Amityville Horror House – Amityville, New York

Amityville house
One of the scariest houses in the United States is that of The Amityville House which the basis of a book from 1977 was. This house located in Amityville, New York is one of the most iconic horror houses ever. Detailed inside the epic book which became a movie, this house has been home to shootings, hauntings, and plagued by issues for decades of people that have moved into it. It was recently on sale again, and the people inside reportedly saw no issue, but there are still many people that believe the original George and Kathy Lutz tale of paranormal insanity that went on inside.

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