10 Interesting Facts about Greenland

Greenland is a unique land with exquisite and exotic flora and fauna. The ancient culture along with the stunning and varied wildlife is the factor that promotes tourism for this place. Even though it is a land covered mostly by sheets of ice, there are numerous interesting aspects to explore around this naturally attractive location. Listed below are 10 interesting facts about Greenland.

#1- World Championship of Ice Golf


The Worldwide Championship of Ice Golf is held in the month of March in a popular city of Greenland namely, Uummannaq. The course for this frozen version of Golf is snow fields along with icebergs in between. It is a two day event and the greens in common version of golf are known as whites.

#2- Midnight Sun

An extremely stunning phenomenon is the midnight Sun which means that the day does not end with a setting sun. During summer, from mid-May to mid-July the sun does not completely set even though the bright daylight gets converted to warm hues in the evening. It is a sight which enchants and provides peace to both the body and mind, rejuvenating an individual.

#3- First Christian church

The Hvalsey Church, a Norse ruin now is the first church for Christians built on the continent of North America. It was built by Norse settlers who migrated here from Scandinavia and Iceland. This is one of the most well preserved churches and is definitely one of the 10 interesting facts about Greenland.  

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