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Airplane Facts Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

Sure, airplanes can quickly take you across oceans and various landscapes and they certainly save a lot of time. But remember the first time you flew, the jitters, the anxiety and the awe. Well, we aren’t trying to ruin it for you but these crazy facts about airplanes might change a lot of things!

#1  The Tray Tables are Bacteria Hotspots

The Tray Tables are Bacteria Hotspots
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According to a study by microbiologists hired by Travelmath, those seatback trays are bacteria breeding grounds. Though airlines make an effort to keep their planes clean, short turnaround time and large fleet make it a difficult task. As a result, you are deprived of clean trays. As per that study, an average of 2,155 colonies formed per unit square in a sample obtained from four airplanes.

#2  Old Headphones

Old Headphones
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Even the neatly wrapped headphones aren’t new. Once they are taken off the flight, they are cleaned and then packed again.

#3  The oxygen masks don’t hold for long

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The oxygen masks are essential parts of in-flight safety. If the aircraft cabin loses pressure, they automatically drop down. Interestingly, they can only provide oxygen between 14- 20 minutes, which is usually enough time for the pilot to take the aircraft to normal altitude.

#4  The bathroom door isn’t really locked

The bathroom door isn’t really locked
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Think you have complete privacy in the plane lavatory? Think again! Most of them can be accessed from outside by simply lifting the ‘lavatory’ sign up and moving the toggle switch located beneath it. There are various reasons for that but in case the thought of mid-air romance crossed your mind, we suggest you refrain from it.

#5  Planes can run out of fuel mid-air

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It doesn’t happen very often but it is possible. For such cases, the aircraft has an emergency windmill or a ram air turbine (RAT).

#6  The black-box isn’t invincible

The black-box isn’t invincible
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Contrary to what you may have heard, the black-box is actually destructible if it is exposed to extreme heat of the aircraft’s fuel or if it comes under the heavy wings of the plane. Maybe in some cases it may survive but you probably wouldn’t!

#7  Dim Lights

The reason why airplanes have dim lights when landing is because in case you have to evacuate upon landing, your eyes would have already adjusted to the dark. This way you will be able to see better outside the plane.

#8  Pilots are served different meals

Pilots are served different meals
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While passengers are served the usual bad tasting airplane food, pilots are served different meals. Why? Because airlines don’t want their pilots falling sick! Yes, you read that right. Also, they cannot share their meals.

#9  A pilot’s power

A pilot’s power
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The captain has almost ultimate authority when the doors of the cabin close. He can make arrests, fine people and even take the will of a dying passenger if the need be. If a passenger is causing ruckus in the jetway, the pilot can refuse him entry and take-off without him.

#10  Some Planes have a “Corpse Cupboard”

Some Planes have a “Corpse Cupboard”
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Not getting very pessimistic or anything, but people can pass away mid-air.  Although crew will do their best to divert to a nearest airport or store the body in a respectable manner. Some airlines however have ‘corpse cupboards’ where they can store the deceased during flights.

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