Airplane Facts Airlines Don’t Want You to Know

Sure, airplanes can quickly take you across oceans and various landscapes and they certainly save a lot of time. But remember the first time you flew, the jitters, the anxiety and the awe. Well, we aren’t trying to ruin it for you but these crazy facts about airplanes might change a lot of things!

#1  The Tray Tables are Bacteria Hotspots

According to a study by microbiologists hired by Travelmath, those seatback trays are bacteria breeding grounds. Though airlines make an effort to keep their planes clean, short turnaround time and large fleet make it a difficult task. As a result, you are deprived of clean trays. As per that study, an average of 2,155 colonies formed per unit square in a sample obtained from four airplanes.

#2  Old Headphones

Even the neatly wrapped headphones aren’t new. Once they are taken off the flight, they are cleaned and then packed again.

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