10 Thoughts You Have When You Can’t Fall Asleep

Sleepless nights! Nobody wants to stay in bed tossing and turning knowing you have to be up early tomorrow. But then again, sleeping isn’t easy when your brain is working overtime. Here are 10 thoughts you will have when you can’t fall asleep.

#1  I can still get 7 hours of sleep


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If I sleep right this instant, I can still manage to get 7 hours of sleep. That’s right, my body can survive on 7 hours of sleep. Wait! It’s 15 minutes already! OK. No problem, 6 hours and 45 minutes, I can do with that, if only I fell asleep this moment.

#2  I am going to be so tired tomorrow

I am going to be so tired tomorrow

I am going to look all tired and sick! People will wonder if I am sick. Maybe I can call in sick for work! No, I did that last week. Sigh!

It’s not unusual to worry when you realise you aren’t able to fall asleep. But what makes it worse is the anxious you get, the more trouble you will have sleeping. Thank adrenaline for that!

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