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10 weird plastic surgery trends

Actors, models and Hollywood celebrities choose to go under the knife all the time for cosmetic procedures like Botox, nose-reshaping, tummy-tucks and liposuction. But these shocking new plastic surgery trends will make your stomach turn. Most of them are done for absolutely unfathomable reasons. Find out which weird plastic surgery trends have made it to our Top 10 list.

# 1) Palm Lines Alteration:

Palm Lines Alteration

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This procedure is easily available in Japan where chiromancy and fortune telling are still popular. Some people believe that altering the shape and length of their palm lines will change their fortunes and keep away bad luck

#2) Asian Double-Eyelid Surgery:

Asian Double-Eyelid Surgery

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This strange surgical procedure is a favorite in South Korea. Asian women long to have the Caucasian crease in their eyelid, which makes their eyes look bigger and more attractive. The procedure involves cutting the eyelid and creasing it, as well as rounding the outer corners of the eye.

#3) Toe Reshaping:


People who don’t like the shape of their toes can now opt for elective foot surgery to get them reshaped. Women are going for fat reduction, shortening and pinky toe amputations just to fit into classy high heel shoes!

$4) Eyelash Implants:

Eyelash ImplantsLong curled eyelashes have always been considered a sign of beauty, but these days women are not afraid to go for implants to achieve that wide eyed look. Move over, mascara!

# 5) Voice Lift:

 Voice Lift

Don’t like the sound of your voice on tape? No worries. With the new voice lift procedure, you can get your neck split open and your vocal cords readjusted, injected and operated upon and you’ll achieve the tone and quality of voice you always wanted in no time at all.

# 6) Knee Peel:

Knee Peel

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Out of all the weird transformation trends on the market, this might just be the weirdest. For any African or Asian women who don’t like the color of their knees and tend to get grey/brown pigmentation around the area, can now go for chemical peels to achieve the pink and white knees they always wanted.

# 7) Foot Padding:

High heels can make the soles of your feet hurt and are medically proven to have detrimental effects on your foot bones. But some women have found a way around that. A new surgical procedure involving fat injections into the sole of your feet is now available to make high heels more comfortable to wear for longer times.

# 8) Iris Implant:

Iris Implant

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Plastic surgery offers women the option to snip, reshape and modify any part of the body. But until recently, there was absolutely no drug or surgical procedure that could changed the color of the eyes. Recently, a company called Bright Ocular has come up with prosthetic irises that can be implanted on the top of the real iris to permanently change eye color. The whole procedure requires merely half an hour!

# 9) Forked Tongue:

This procedure is perfect for someone who wanted to be born a lizard but unfortunately couldn’t make it. The procedure involves cutting the tongue longitudinally in the middle from the tip to the base to achieve the chic lizard look. Adorable.

# 10) Poker Face Botox:

Poker Face Botox

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Professional poker players no longer have to worry about clever opponents reading their “tells” anymore. The Poker face Botox is here! It’s been specifically designed to help them achieve the blank expressionless face they always wanted!

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