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Unique Gift Ideas for Each Zodiac Sign

The holiday season is here again and once more you are stuck with the age old dilemma of buying the perfect gifts for everyone you love. Well this time, twist things around and buy gifts based on their zodiac signs. Here are unique gift ideas for each zodiac sign which will make Christmas shopping a breeze.

#1. Aries

An Aries loves things that are exciting, colorful and fun. Most of all, they love making memories that can last forever. So to make them happy, give them a new experience such as trying something new in the city, going on a trip together or tickets to a concert or event or a coffee maker along with a bag of espresso beans.

#2. Taurus

A Taurus person is more intellectually inclined. These are sophisticated people who are looking for ways to improve their lives. So the ideal gift for them would be a book that can teach them something new or just inspire their creativity. You can also give them gift cards to a restaurant or a houseplant.

#3. Gemini


Geminis are fun-seeking people are always the life of a party. They love entertaining people and having people around them. To make them happy this holiday season, gift them something that helps them make their parties even more fun like funky party glasses, lights or new speakers.

#4. Cancer

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People with this zodiac sign are emotional and can often be disorganized with their time. If you want to make them happy, give them a journal or a planner. Not only will this help them in documenting their important feelings, they may finally be able to keep a track of their time.

#5. Leo


Leos are bold and daring and most things in their life revolve around them. They love being the centre of attention and know people love them. So give them something that can help them stand out like a piece of jewelry, shoes or perfume or gift coupons to a designer store.

#6. Virgo

They are gifted when it comes to creativity and craft. And a Virgo would have already picked up something creative for you by now. Your best bet would be to go for something creative like customized t-shirts/sweatshirts or mugs.

#7. Libra

gourmet chocolate

A Libra is symbolized by scales and it is no wonder they look for equilibrium and symmetry in their loves. Moreover, they are creative and talented and their days are often full-packed. So give them something that can help them carry it all like a chic bag that appeases to all their sides, or a bottle of fine wine, gourmet chocolate, or a designer scarf.

#8. Scorpio


Scorpios are extremely romantic and full of excitement about little things in life. Give them something that would make their date night even more epic like a dress or heels.

#9. Sagittarius

Optimistic, cultured and fun and they love just about everything. In fact, you should give them something that screams fun and adventure. Maybe tickets to amusement park or a new board or video game., hiking boots or a photography book

#10. Capricorn

briefcaseCapricorns are practical and business-savvy. If you give them something that is just going to sit in their home, they would just put it away. Give them something that appeals to their practical side like a good briefcase, a good bottle of wine or a biography of someone they admire.

#11. Aquarius

e reader

Aquarians are unique, independent and would love gifts that appeal to their individuality. They are natural intellects and are also technologically inclined. You can gift them an e-reader, a smartphone or yoga DVDs and a yoga mat.

#12. Pisces

Pisces are nurturing, tender and sophisticated. A good gift for them would be something that’s more heartfelt like a book of poems, a hand-knitted scarf or a framed photo.

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