Top 10 Romantic Movies For the Romantic in You

Whether you are looking for a movie for date night or just want to curl up in bed and watch a nice movie, romantic movies will come to the rescue! Be it about heartbreaks, rom-com or just something that leaves you thinking later, we have listed them all. Check out these top 10 romantic movies for the romantic in you.

#1. Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman

Image Source: flickr

The way Richard Gere and Julia Roberts fell in love on screen made our hearts melt and both of them became our instant crushes. It is the love story of a businessman (Richard Gere) and a hooker (Julia Roberts) and how he overcomes his inhibitions to fulfill his lady love’s dreams.

#2. Jules et Jim

When the movie released in Paris in 1962, it played for three months and became a blockbuster wherever it was released. This is the movie that inspired another classic- Bonnie & Clyde. The movie shows early feminism but deals with bipolar personality and how one person can love two people at the same time.

#3. The Notebook

It is based on a novel of same name by Nicholas Sparks and we all know Sparks in known for romance in his books. It is the story of two people who meet one summer but then go back to their normal lives. But as it turns out, it wasn’t just a summer love, there is more to this love story than just distance and pining for each other.

#4. When Harry Met Sally

This romantic comedy wonderfully captures the trials and tribulations of friendship between men and women. Meg Ryan and Billy Crystal are absolutely relatable and so adorable!

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