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10 Most Common Fears People Have

All of us have some sort of fear or the other but some fears are more intense and more common among people. You will be surprised to see many people suffer from the same fear as you. Here are the 10 most common fears people have.

#1. Arachnophobia

This is the fear of spiders and one of the most common fears. There can be various reasons for being afraid of spiders which can include disturbing childhood memories or maybe it’s their appearance. It is also said that during dark ages, spiders were carriers of plague which may have been one of the causes of fear of spiders.

#2. Acrophobia


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This is the fear of heights and very common in both children and adults. It varies in severity and can sometimes manifest in other forms such as a fear of lying or roller coasters. People afraid of heights may not want to take elevators, climb ladders or go to high floors of the buildings.

#3. Necrophobia

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It is the fear of dead things or death itself. It is a very common phobia and can often arise after the death of a loved one.

#4. Ophidiophobia


This is the fear of snakes and people with this phobia may avoid going to places such as pet stores or zoos. Some experts believe that this fear is the body’s way of protecting itself from venomous reptiles.

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