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10 most commonly antibiotics found in your daily food

We all heard about antibiotics, used with success in treating a vast range of illnesses. They are very efficient substances because they stop the growth and spread of aggressive viruses and bacteria, which cause trouble in our bodies. Unfortunately, there are cases when antibiotics destroy a few of the good bacteria existent in the organism, but this is not such a severe condition, as with the help of proper treatment, we can restore the balance. The point is that modern medicine cannot survive without antibiotics. But how about if you found out that in your kitchen, there are hidden some natural antibiotics? That’s right, there are some foods that are easy to eat and contain this efficient substance. Here are the 10 most frequently met antibiotics in every kitchen.

#1.       The oregano oil

You are probably not a stranger from this herb, with a fantastic taste and aroma. But the oregano oil is the one that is most potent when it comes to fighting against infections and strengthening the body’s immune system. In case you are trying to manage a digestive issue caused by a bacteria or a bothering seasonal cold, this oil can be your best ally.

#2.       Grapefruits

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Citric fruits are fantastic when it comes to the intake of vitamins, especially vitamin C, so much needed to keep our body protected. The sweet-sour pulp of the grapefruit can be the best medicine that will prevent a great number of diseases. If you consume it when seasons change, like in the autumn, you will be kept away from any viral infections, colds, and many more. Still, this is a fruit that is welcomed in your diet at any time.

#3.       The probiotic

The probiotic
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In case you are not familiar with the term, probiotics are the substances that help maintain the balance of our body and the good bacteria doing their job. In one word, they ensure that everything works correctly and that we are safe against any infection. Either you take it as a supplement or consume yogurts that have probiotic content, the idea is to keep the numbers of useful microorganisms of your body in a healthy state.

#4.       Green tea

Green tea
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Everybody is talking about how amazing is green tea for health. And there is nothing wrong in this affirmation since the consumption of green tea is known to help in the prevention and treatment of many illnesses. It is the best antioxidant you can get, and it also has a potent antibiotic action, not allowing any diseases to get installed in your body. Your immune system will be supported, and you will have extra energy and a great overall health status.

#5.       Honey

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There isn’t a better antiseptic in this world than natural honey. It can be used with success internally and externally as well, for a wide variety of problems, since it has an excellent antibiotic action as well. Honey is great for dry skin and hair, especially during the cold season, as it has a soothing effect. It is great to have when you experience a sore throat, due to a cold, as it can calm down the discomfort. But its uses are more major. In tea, it is highly recommended to add honey when it is warm, not hot, as it can destroy the honey’s properties.

#6.       Ginger


Another extraordinary medicine left by Mother Nature on our planet. Ginger has been proved, through numerous studies, that it can bring a great contribution to the prevention and treatment of a great number of illnesses. Consumed raw, as juice or tea, the properties of ginger will remain the same. The point is that never avoid it, if you have serious intentions to protect your health.

#7.       Echinacea

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Echinacea is a lovely looking plant, with colorful flowers. Still, for most of us, it is easier to have it in a dried form, than to grow it in the garden. It can be used externally, in the case of wounds and cuts, as it has a powerful antiseptic action. Or internally, for cases of flu, colds, even blood poisoning, under the shape of tea. Dried Echinacea can be easily found in shops that sell natural products and alternative treatments.

#8.       Turmeric

Even though there are so many that use it as a spice, due to its unmistakable flavor, the turmeric can bring much more benefits. Starting with stomach issues, to liver and heart conditions, turmeric will have a positive contribution in all these situations, promoting a better health status in anyone consuming it. Isn’t it great when you can give food an incredible taste and be healthy at the same time?

#9.       Garlic


It is futile to say that garlic has some of the most powerful antibiotic characteristics found in natural food. Used in many recipes, garlic is the food that should not miss from any kitchen. The best way to enjoy its effects on health is to consume it in a raw form. Not only that it goes great with chicken meat, or other foods, but it will make sure that viruses and bacteria will not linger in your body.

#10.   Vitamin C

Vitamin C
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Since this vitamin is the greatest supporter and promoter of an efficient immune system, it is not important from where you get it, as long as it is present in your diet. The best way to do it is to consume foods with a significant content of vitamin C. Citrus fruits of all kinds, berries, apples, and many more fresh fruits and vegetables contain this great substance. So make sure you enjoy plenty of them, especially since autumn is slowly approaching.

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