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Five reasons to become vegetarian

To be or not to be a vegetarian. This question has haunted many of us in our lifetimes. Often we have ‘almost’ taken the leap of faith and shunned meat. But most of us, unconvinced about the effects of becoming a vegetarian, have inadvertently swung back to our carnivorous ways. Here are five solid reasons why you should become a vegetarian. Try it! Celebs like Kate Winslet, Anne Hathaway and Christian Bale swear by a vegie lifestyle too!

#1  Be environmentally conscious:


Raising animals and livestock generates almost 51% pf the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. It also takes more than 2500 gallons of water to produce a pound of beef. Raising livestock depletes our topsoil consistently and the cumulative effect of this affects landslides and other natural disasters. Add to that, most of the meat we eat is are injected with 70% antibiotics. Feeling squeamish?

#2  Be health conscious:

Because of our primarily meat and dairy diet, we miss out on supplementing our bodies with natural fibres which are contained in vegetarian and other plant-based food products. Following a vegetarian diet also reduces the risk of heart attacks, obesity and diabetes. Vegetarian food, along with exercise, makes for a healthy body and healthy mind. Imagine the stubborn kilos you have been desperate to lose!

#3  The question of ethics:

ethics You say you love animals. You are against the killing of whales and dolphins. Then how come you feel euphoric to see that plate of tuna arriving on your table? Or for that matter, think of the innocent creature every time you bite into the succulent ribs doused in barbecue. Resisting meat shows respect for sentient life. Most of these animals are mercilessly killed in the process of extracting their meat. You would want to stand up against slaughter of innocent creatures, wouldn’t you?

#4  The question of finance:

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Heath care costs will be drastically reduced if you switch to a vegetarian diet. Veggies are easy on the stomach if had in balanced proportions. Your problem of digestion might be eased. And your pocket will be happy too when you finally stop purchasing over the counter remedies for indigestion, acidity, bloating etc. Also, vegetarian food items tend to cost much less than meat.

#5  For the sheer variety:

Contrary to popular belief, vegetarian food is amazingly diverse and gives you a lot more variety in terms of taste and flavour to choose from than non-vegetarian food. These days, there are many meat substitutes available in the market which will help you relish and relive the same taste till you move seamlessly into the veggie arena. Apart from that, veg food is fresh. How many times have you seen a rotten broccoli in your refrigerator vis-à-vis a rotten piece of veal?

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