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10 Fictional Characters Who Ran for Office

Politics has always been full of sensational headlines, debates, accusations and some unexpected turn of events. Not surprisingly, there have been fictional characters running for president through ages.  Check out these 10 fictional characters who ran for office.

#1. Alvin- 1960

We all know the smart and small singing chipmunk Alvin. He is best known for his Christmas Classic of 1958 called the “The Chipmunk Song”. Alvin joined the presidential race in the year 1960, the same year John F. Kennedy faced off Richard Nixon. To make things interesting, JFK welcomed the competition saying he was glad that there was at least one worthy opponent.

#2. Dogbert- 1992 and 2008

The businessdog has made two attempts at the presidential race. Dilbert’s evil talking dog devotes most of his energy in the business world from being a management consultant to investment banker and tech support specialist.

#3. Pogo- 1952

Pogo- 1952

Image Source: flickr.com

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Walt Kelly’s possum hero became a part of the election race when a group of Harvard students started pinning up “I go Pogo” buttons to their shirts and lobbied for him as a third- party candidate. The Harvard rally got out of hand with student and police clashes that ended up in arrest of 28 students.

#4. Magilla Gorilla- 1964

The unsold pet-store ape entered the presidential fray in the 1960s. The Hanna- Barbara animated cartoon character joined the race the year Barry Goldwater and Lyndon Baines Johnson were pitted against each other.

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