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Unbelievable things that can happen to you if you don’t drink enough water

The human body is made out of water in a proportion of 55% to 75%. We have more water when we are young, ending up to lose a good amount as we advance in age. Thus, since we are more than half made out of water, it is easy to understand that we need to consume daily the right amount of water. Doctors recommend somewhere around 2 litres of water per day, but it can be more or less, depending on our body weight. If you don’t drink enough water, here is what may happen to you. These are signs that you need to start increasing your water intake immediately.

#1  An older look too soon

In the lack of sufficient amounts of water, your body cells, including skin cells, will start to degrade prematurely. Our cells need water to conduct their functioning and renewal processes, so they will get older at a faster pace, being exhausted and deprived of the needed nutrients. A dry skin, wrinkles, lack of glow and a tern look of your face, they are all results of not having enough water. Start replenishing your body’s water reserves by drinking enough water, unsweetened herbal teas, and fresh fruits and vegetables. You will be amazed of how good you will start to look and feel.

#2  Unbalancing of body weight and even obesity

Unbalancing of body weight and even obesity
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Not drinking enough water may have a detrimental effect on our weight. First of all, not having enough liquids means that toxins and fats are not eliminated accordingly, starting to build up in your organism. Also, not drinking enough fluids will make you hungry, feeling the need to fill that void in the stomach, increasing your food intake. If you start to drink enough water, your stomach will always be filled in a particular proportion, saving you from feeling hungry and helping you to lose weight.

#3   Seldom visits to the bathroom

Seldom visits to the bathroom
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Your bathroom throne is not a place where you go too often? Or when you do, you spend countless hours without any result? Obviously, you have an intestinal issue that is preventing you from going for a number one. In most cases, this is caused by not drinking enough water since the stools become hard, and they have a slow transit through your bowels.

#4   Increase in the production of cholesterol

Increase in the production of cholesterol
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We all know just how dangerous cholesterol is and how it can affect our health. Well, by not drinking enough water, we are forcing our organism to produce cholesterol. Why? Your body will get the message of not having enough fluids, so cholesterol is the one thing it can create to keep the cells well lubricated. Just drink enough water to sustain the body’s functions, and your cholesterol levels will be kept low.

#5   Skin issues

Skin issues
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The skin is the biggest organ in our body. We already talked about how it can get dried from the lack of water. But there are other issues that may be even more dangerous if we do not drink enough water. Due to insufficient amounts of liquids, the body cannot discharge the toxins that enter through diverse means. Thus, you may wake up one way with an ugly skin reaction, like eczema, rashes and irritations. Is this a good enough reason to get you drinking water?

#6    Infections of the urinary tract

Infections of the urinary tract
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Believe it or not, the idea that urine must be yellow is a very wrong one. The urine of a healthy person is actually almost crystal clear. The yellower the urine is, the more dehydrated you are. Also, you will face the problem of not discharging toxins out of your system again. As you may know already, through defecation and urination processes, our bodies get rid of toxins and debris. Not having enough water to wash them out, toxins may cause problems of the urinary tract, irritating the tissues and causing infections. And a urinary infection is the most unpleasant thing you can get.

#7  Problems with blood pressure

Problems with blood pressure
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Our blood is liquid, that’s for sure, as it helps carry oxygen and nutrients to all of our body parts and their cells. Still, inadequate water consumption will affect the viscosity of the blood, causing blood pressure problems. A thicker blood will not have the power to deliver what cells need in a timely manner, so you may risk developing other health related issues, besides the blood pressure one.

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