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Top 5 Energy Foods That You Can Include in Your Diet

Technically, there is no food that doesn’t provide you with at least some energy, but some just give you a stronger and more durable boost than others. Want to know which ones are best to kick-start an otherwise lethargic day? Then check out these top 5 energy foods that you can include in your diet:

#1. Wholegrain cereal

Wholegrain cereal

No doubt cereals are the staple breakfast choice but upgrade them to whole grain, and you’ll breeze by your day like never before. Wholegrain is naturally high in fiber which slows down the release of glucose into your bloodstream, allowing for more a consistent energy spread throughout the day. This is in contrast to sugary cereals with refined carbs that provide only that initial rush; however, the sugar spike causes excess insulin to be produced, pouring out all that energy into that short period.

#2. Eggs


Commonly taken as the epitome of a protein-loaded food, eggs are the essential supplement for after exercises as they help rebuild broken-down muscles from intense workouts. While it serves that purpose, eggs are also rich in B-vitamins that function to convert the food you take in into energy. Egg yolks are however high in calories so if you’re just going for the energy, you may want to stick more to the egg whites. Yolks are nevertheless highly nutritious if you don’t mind the extra calories!

#3. Nuts

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As nature’s own energy reserve, nuts can share their nutritious abundance with us too! Almonds, cashews, and hazelnuts are very rich in magnesium, a principal component in the conversion of sugar to energy. On the other hand, walnuts are one of only several sources of melatonin, a hormone produced from sundown in your body to help you sleep soundly. Alas, you produce less melatonin as you age, depriving you of your oh-so-precious sleep! Munching on some walnuts as a midnight snack helps you get it back for that sufficient rest to fuel the day ahead. For a change, go for trail mix – add some dried cherries to double up that melatonin dose.

#4. Edamame


Having balanced snacks between meals can prevent dips in your blood sugar level that may leave you in episodes of fatigue and lethargy. Why not let that snack be edamame? These remarkable soybeans may be small in size, but they pack up plenty of fiber, fat, complex carbs and, most of all, proteins with a reasonably low calorie count. In addition, they are rich in B-vitamins, magnesium, phosphorus, and copper, nutrients playing major roles in converting food into energy. They’re an all-in-one package – exactly how they look.

#5. Coffee


Here comes the obvious but probably most unexpected member on the list: Coffee. As has always been discussed, caffeine is the most popular element to start-off your day – to bring out the better side of you. Why though? Adenosine is a component in our nervous system that functions to induce drowsiness; caffeine cuts off the action of adenosine upon its receptor, preventing that result. Caffeine has been shown to improve performance during exercise, suggesting that coffee may be an ideal pre-workout beverage.

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