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10 Awesome Ways to Beat the Heat This Summer

The scorching summer is here and it is time to bring out those summer dresses and swim suits already. But along with a high temperature comes a high electricity bill and not to forget, your body takes the maximum toll.

But don’t let that get you down. Take a look at these 10 awesome ways to beat the heat this summer. So, sit back and chill!

#1  Drink more water

Drink more water

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink lots of water and fluids to maintain a lower body temperature. So go ahead, refill that glass already!

#2  Exercise comfortably

Exercise comfortably

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This doesn’t mean you can skip exercising. Just be more careful of the time when you exercise. Morning and evening are best times as temperature is lower and your body won’t succumb to exhaustion quickly. Make sure you carry an energy drink or water bottle along.

#3  Chill your mattress

Chill your mattress
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Cool your mattress and sheets with soft gel ice packs. You can also apply them under your neck or legs for instant chill. You can also put your pillow covers and sheets in plastic bags and keep them in the freezer for a few hours. Take out when you have to sleep and enjoy the bliss of cool dreams.

#4  Spicy food

Spicy food
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Eating spicy food increases blood circulation which makes you sweat more and when it dries up, you feel cooler. Capsaicin present in hot pepper helps your body sweat more without increasing the overall temperature of the body.

#5  Keep excessive sweat at bay

The worst part of summer is sweat and humidity. While you certainly cannot control humidity, you can take measures to avoid becoming a sweating machine. Use a good antiperspirant at night and deodorant when going out. Wear light and breathable clothes, preferably cotton.

#6  Pressure points

Pressure points
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Apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel or a bottle of ice cold water to pressure points such as wrists, necks or behind the knees. Instant relief from the hot weather!

#7  Block sunny side of windows

Block sunny side of windows
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Forget how beautiful sunlight looks while streaming through your window. At this point, you only need to remember how much heat they will produce in your home. Cover up the sunny side of your windows by curtains or black sheets. Every little bit will ensure that your home stays cooler.

#8  Take cold showers

Take cold showers
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It’s time for cold showers again. They are cheap and relaxing and will keep you cool during the day. Great way to rinse off the sweat and stay cool in a hot weather.

#9  Avoid the sun

Avoid the sun

This is pretty obvious. Avoid the sun as much as you can and refrain from going out especially during afternoons. Apply a good sunscreen before going out, use sunglasses with UV protection and make good use of that fancy scarf!

#10  Look for signs of dehydration

Look for signs of dehydration
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Despite taking several precautions against heatwaves, you may still fall prey to dehydration. Look for signs such as muscle cramps in arms, legs or stomach, headache, weakness or dizziness. If you encounter them, avoid going out in the sun and drink plenty of fluids. If symptoms persist, go to a doctor immediately.

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