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10 Coolest Jobs in the World That Will Make You Want to quit Yours

Remember the good old childhood days when you wanted to be a rockstar or a firefighter? Well, somewhere along growing up, most of us settled for ordinary jobs that sometimes bore us to death. But a few do get the cool jobs too like being paid for eating, sleeping and watching TV! Check out these 10 coolest jobs in the world that will make you want to quit yours!

#1. Car Reviewer/ Tester

Car Reviewer Tester

Love cars? Well then the job of a car tester might be just for you. All you have to do is test drive various cars and provide suggestions and reviews about the same. Not only you get your hands first on every car about to be launched, you get paid too!

#2. Netflix Tagger

Netflix has an amazing job opportunity for you and all you have to is watch TV episodes or movies at one go. You are required to tag them or categorize them according to their theme, flag any shows for caution or controversy and thus help Netflix in improving its search results.

#3. Professional Sleeper

Professional Sleeper

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Working as a luxury bed tester simply consists of sleeping away your whole day. All you have to do is sleep under different room conditions, write reviews and suggest improvements. In certain case, you can be a part of experiments where you are forced to sleep for certain number of hours or days and let your metal health be observed by doctors.

#4. Movie Critic

If you are a movie buff and have a good command over language and understand cinema, then the job description of a movie critic fits you perfectly. All you have to do is watch movies, write reviews about them and get paid!

#5. Water Slide Tester

Water Slide Tester

Love water parks and big slides? Why not become a water slide tester? The job includes testing slides and factors such as adrenaline rush and biggest splash. On top of that, you will also get to travel to different countries with all expenses paid. Getting paid for having fun and traveling; who wouldn’t want that?

#6. Live Stream Eater

Liver stream eaters (Muk Bang) are popular in south Korea. The only thing they have to do is eat large quantities of food (loudly and savory) on live TV for long hours and engage with online audience. There is no strict criteria for this job, you just need to be entertaining enough to generate viewership.

#7. Travel Blogger

Travel Blogger

Want to leave the usual monotony behind and travel the world and earn some money in the process too? Why not become a travel blogger and write about beautiful places, reviews local hotels and restaurants and earn some money while doing it!

#8. Chief Shopping Officer

You must have heard of CEOs and CFOs but what’s with a CSO? Well, a chief Shopping Officer spends a certain amount of money every month on online products using certain services. You will also have to upload an entertaining public video each week showcasing the process behind the purchase.

#9. Video Game Tester

Video Game Tester

If you parents ever told you that you can’t make money by playing video games, this would be the right opportunity to prove them wrong. As a video game tester, you would be required to play video games and get paid in return!

#10. Chocolate Tester

Who doesn’t love chocolates? But not everybody gets paid to just eat chocolates and write reviews about them except a chocolate tester. The job requires one to eat chocolates and provide feedback about them to the company.

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