10 Foods You Should Avoid For a Longer Life

#5. Soda


Be it soda, diet soda or coke, you are simply consuming a lot of sugar with some chemicals. They provide a rapid insulin surge which goes down soon after leaving you craving for more. It can lead to insulin resistance which has been linked to diabetes, heart diseases and metabolic syndrome.

#6. Commercially Baked Food

As you may have guessed, those cookies are not doing you any good in the long run. You may feel good after eating one but over time, their refined carbohydrates can lead to dementia and depression. Stay away from them if they have been made in margarine which increases the trans fat content in them.

#7. Fried Foods

Fried Foods

It comes as no surprise, we all know they are unhealthy and high in saturated fat content which isn’t good news for your body. When these foods are cooked in oil, they form inflammation promoting compounds which can lead to genetic mutations and also increase the risk of cancer.

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