10 Inappropriate Subliminal Messages from Disney

People have been complaining about Disney for as long as the company has been around. They have been rumored to have inserted a variety of hidden sexual messages throughout their history. Many of the movies do have adult innuendos, but these are fairly obvious, and not what we are here to discuss. They also hide characters from other films in new movies that they release. For example during the movie Frozen, Rapunzel can be seen in one of the scenes, hand in had with her Prince Charming. Nemo has popped up in sever Disney and Pixar films over the years, even appearing in movies released before Finding Nemo was shown to the public.

Disney has been in hot water on numerous other occasions for their outdated stereotypes that are often seen in many of their older films. They often define women as either housekeepers, witches, or evil stepmothers. Now to be fair, the company has tried to change its opinions of the ladies in the last few years by integrating strong female leads. Another example of negative stereotyping is seen in the movie Dumbo. Look for the black crow, and you’ll know what I mean.  In Alice in Wonderland the caterpillar is seen smoking from a hookah, and I don’t need to tell any of you what that’s used for. Lets examine some of the less than appropriate scenes shown in several Disney films.

#1.)   Peter Pan

Peter Pan

For this movie, but I want to discuss two inappropriate scenes: In one scene Pan is sitting around smoking a peace pipe with one of the Native American Indians. In another scene Peter is dancing around with his shadow while in a bedroom. Every time Pan’s shadow lifts its legs, you can see… Well, lets just say you can see the shadows little peter.

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