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The Ultimate Bucket List: Ten Things to do Before you Die

Everybody has a list of things to do before they die. We only get one shot at this crazy life, so why not take advantage of that, and live your life to the fullest. Get out of the armchair, move away from the couch, and do something crazy. See the sites you’ve always dreamed of visiting, and move outside of your comfort zone. Many people never travel far from from the place that they are born, and spend the entirety of their lives living in a shell. We are programmed to live our lives in relative comfort, which means that we don’t often get to experience the excitement that life can offer. We put off our dreams for a better time, and as life passes us by we eventually forget those things.

None of us want to experience a life in which we have regrets, which is why getting up and doing the things that truly matter is so important. Imagine that you only have ten days to live. How much different would your life be? What sorts of things would you want to experience before you kick the proverbial bucket, and go on to meet your maker? We live in a time in which we have the ability to go anywhere in the world in matter of hours. So, get up, and lets take a list of the ultimate destinations and activities that everyone should experience at least once in their lives.

#1.)    Go skydiving

Go skydiving

Okay, so this one might seem a little cliche, but everybody should have the chance to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush. We get the opportunity to stare death directly in the face and (most of the time) walk away the victorious.

#2.)    Visit the Amazon

Visit the Amazon

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While the days of explorers trekking through the jungle might be over, you can still have the experience of visiting one of greatest natural wonders of our worlds. This is a sight that you should see before it’s too late.

#3.)    Go on an African Safari

Go on an African Safari

Return to the motherland, and see what forces made us human. There is something both mystical and magical about watching the sun set over the African plains. A list without this one, wouldn’t be a list at all.

#4.)    Fly an airplane

Fly an airplane

If you get lucky, you might be able to talk your skydiving pilot into letting you take over the plane for a bit. All kidding aside, there isn’t a person alive today that hasn’t dreamed of flying. The feeling of being several thousand feet above the ground can be rivaled by very few activities in life.

#5.)    Fall in love

Fall in love

I know, this one may sound a little cheesy, but the relationships we form over our lifetime are what makes life worth living. Finding that special someone that makes you truly happy is something that no one in this world should live without.

#6.)    Sail the Open Ocean

Sail the Open Ocean

There has always been a mystical connection within man that draws us to ocean. Most of the world lives along the coast, so there must be something there. Spend a few days on the open water with nothing in sight but the sea.

#7.)    Get lost in the wilderness

Get lost in the wilderness

What I mean by this, is to go on a true camping trip. Not one of those pay by the night sites, where everyone can hook up power to their RV. Go out and experience nature in all of it’s raw beauty. If you are really adventurous you might even try your hand at survival for a few days. Just make sure you have an escape plan when your done.

#8.)    Quit your job in style

Quit your job in style

Remember a few years ago when the flight attendant finally told the overbearing customers to get bent, then slid down the planes fire escape? Take a lesson from this guy. Not many of us really enjoy waking up and going to work every day, and if your one of those people it’s time to walk out in style. Nothing could be more liberating than walking out of a profession you hate.

#9.)    Go on a tropical vacation

Go on a tropical vacation

Turn your life into a Corona commercial, and experience this ultimate getaway. Lay around on the beach, while a butler brings you frilly drinks with little umbrellas. Watch the waves roll onto the beach, as you experience the sunset next to the person you love.  Everybody (even those living out their bucket list) needs the chance to just relax.

#10.)    Play an instrument in front of a large crowd

Play an instrument in front of a large crowd

What’s that, you can’t play an instrument? Learn with what time you have left, and just get up there and do it. Even if the only thing you learn to play is hot cross buns, people will love it, and you’ll get the ultimate thrill of playing in front of a live crowd. It’s never to late to try and do something crazy.

Article by: Derek Gladden

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